Skin Care and Complexion Maintenance

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Skin care is a matter of concern for many people. Often people worry about losing their skin colour and are often paranoid of contacting any skin ailment. But by following some specific guidelines you can ensure that your skin complexion is maintained and continue to have a healthy and glowing skin for a very long time even after the onset of old age. Here are some simple techniques which will have a positive and rejuvenating effect on the skin: Regularly clean your face. Don’t have a long gap between cleaning. It is ideally recommended that you clean your face at least thrice a day. Ensure that you use a face wash which is compatible to your skin type. Never sleep with make up on. It is very vital that you inculcate the habit of sleeping with a face devoid of any make up. This is essential as otherwise your skin pores will get blocked and will not get the required nourishment. Also your skin needs time to rejuvenate. Sleeping with make up on will deprive your skin of this much  [...]

Blackheads And Beauty Cures

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Blackheads are the cause of many sleepless nights for the beauty conscious. The most common place where blackheads form is our nose and forehead. Blackheads can be treated by the following remedies which can be made at home and thus are safe, free of side effects and not very expensive. Extract the juice of a lemon. Add a spoonful of groundnut oil to it and apply this on the face. Take a spoonful of fenugreek leaves (methi) and grind it to form a paste. Apply this paste on the blackhead prone areas. Leave it on for around half an hour and let it dry. Now rinse it off with water. A paste made out of fresh radish is also helpful to get rid of blackheads. Green tea contains anti oxidants. If you scrub your face regularly with green tea, not only will the blackheads reduce but your skin will also start to glow. Soak 4 almonds in water and grind it to form a paste. All rosewater to it and apply. This is also a good medium to cure blackheads. Make a paste with almond powder and  [...]

Apple is the fruit of life and good health

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Apple is the preferred fruit for all health freaks and dieticians. This easy-to-eat fruit is most recommended by doctors and health advisors. With many nutritional benefits apple is an ideal food for you and your family: Given here are 7 benifits of eating apples:- Bones: Apple is voted as the best fruit for strengthening and developing bones by most experts. It helps in increasing the the density of the bones. Apple is also helpful for women experiencing back-bone problem at the time menopause. Asthma: For asthma patients, apple is the best fruit for improving the respiratory system. Women who eat apples at the time of pregnancy lower the rate of asthma in their children. Apple juice is an ideal drink for asthma children Cholesterol: Apples help in levelling cholesterol in body. It is proven that people who eat apple every day can successfully lower down cholesterol level by 16% Cancer: People who get jitters as soon as they hear the word cancer can start eating apple  [...]

Beware of Air Pollutants around you..They can cause cancer!

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In our fast-moving lives we tend to ignore or avoid our surroundings. We give least importance to our society and ignore our responsibility towards the betterment of our society. Especially in urban areas where life is focused on just developing the city and its infrastructure, the means of manufacturing release many harmful gases, which we breathe in every day. This may not be news for all of us, as we all are aware of the pollution in today’s time. But what may shock you is that, these harmful gases can lead to dangerous disease like cancer. These pollutants are broadly classified in the form of following: Air: Harmful pollutant known as photochemical smog is majorly responsible for causing cancer. Photochemical smog is a combination of nitrogen, sunlight and VOCs. This city pollutant has resulted in severe health problems for the human beings. The rate of cancer patients in cities is increasing day by day because of the gases released from the nearby factories and manufacturing industries. As  [...]

Effective Herbal Cures for Asthma

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Asthma is defined as a pulmonary disease taking place due to inflammation of bronchial tubes or the air passages. Inflammation in the air passages makes the asthmatic feel tightness in his chest accompanied by other signs like wheezing, breathing difficulties and coughing. There’s no cure for asthma; the asthma symptoms are however, controlled with a combination of lifestyle changes and dosages of conventional medications. There are also some effective herbal remedies for asthma; below, we have discussed some of them. 1.  Both honey and tea are known to be excellent bronchodilators and decongestants. According to herbalists, chamomile tea is particularly beneficial experiencing asthma symptoms. This tea works by soothing and relaxing the muscles of our body including the muscles of our respiratory system. This relieves us from the asthma symptoms like chest tightness and breathing difficulties. Adding 1 tablespoon honey to this tea before drinking it will make breathing easier for the  [...]

What Is Pustular Psoriasis?

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Pustular psoriasis is a psoriasis type found primarily in adults. The condition is a rare one and is marked by formation of pus-filled, non-infectious sores on the skin. The sores of pustular psoriasis can affect a large area of our body or can occur only as a localized skin disease. According to medical experts, patients with pustular psoriasis should be hospitalized immediately after detection of the disease as it can result in life threatening situations. Majority of the pustular psoriasis patients possess history of suffering from chronic plaque psoriasis. Plaque psoriasis is the most common psoriasis type. How will you know that you have developed pustular psoriasis? During the initial phases, the skin of pustular psoriasis patients starts becoming tender and red. Then, which a few hours, blisters filled with pus develop in those areas. Breakouts can appear in all body parts, but the most commonly affected regions are the feet, hands and genitals. Pustular psoriasis gets manifested  [...]

How Should Pet Lovers Deal with Asthma?

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Are you a pet lover, but have developed asthma? Then there's a serious possibility that you'll be separated from your beloved pet. Individuals diagnosed to be suffering from asthma are usually advised to stay away from pets as doing so might aggravate the signs of the disease. Although many of us believe that length of hair of the pets is the factor responsible for triggering asthma attacks; it is not true. The primary factors that might trigger asthma attacks include pet’s dander, saliva, urine and sweat. In this article, we’ll be discussing about the steps the pet lovers should take for dealing with their asthma attacks. The first thing you must do is identifying the exclusion zones in your abode where the pets can stay. The best way of handling the situation would be stopping the pets from entering your bedroom and other parts of the house where you spend maximum hours. If the pets had the habit of sleeping in any of these rooms, you must wash all the bed sheets and spread a newly  [...]

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Jock Itch?

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Medically, jock itch is commonly referred to as tinea cruris. The other name for this fungal infection is ringworm of groin. In this article, we’ll be discussing about the common signs of jock itch. Patients with jock itch experience itching sensation in their groin area, which is the most frequently occurring sign of the fungal infection. The itching caused by jock itch might be extremely uncomfortable; in some patients the itching sensation gradually reaches the body parts like anus and upper thighs from the groin. Jock itch is a contagious condition and can infect people coming in contact with the infected clothing and contaminated skin. The irritation caused by the infection can increase if you scratch the affected body parts. Frequent scratching may also augment the risk of spreading of the fungal infection to the other body parts of the patient. The next most common sign of jock itch is formation of unusual skin lesions around the groin area. The skin lesions caused by jock itch  [...]

Cancer Causing Pollutants

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The pollutants that can act as causes of cancer include the following: The air pollutants: The air pollutant that is held responsible for causing cancer is photochemical smog, which is a blend of sunlight, nitrogen oxides and VOCs. This air pollutant is primarily found in the metropolitan cities. According to current statistics, in every 1 million Americans there are 36 cancer patients. However, the density of cancer patients is a lot more among the people residing in industrial regions and freeways of the country. For example, Los Angeles County as a whole has 63 cancer patients in every 1 million people living here; however, the number of cancer patients becomes as high as 1,200 in every 1 million inhabitants for people living in the suburban regions of Los Angeles that have freeways running through them. People living around the industrial regions and freeways are at higher risk of developing cancer because of the presence of smog pollutants. The water pollutants: Similar to the air  [...]

Home Treatment for Skin Abscess

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The term skin abscess is another name used for skin boils. Skin abscesses are pus filled infections occurring deep within the skin, which may or may not involve hair follicles. On most occasions, skin abscesses occur on the moist regions of our body for example, the back region of the neck, groin, armpits etc. In this article we’ll be informing you tips of treating skin abscesses at home. Treating abscesses with turmeric: Turmeric is a yellowish orange colored spice mostly used for cooking Indian dishes.  The active ingredient of this spice is curcumin; several studies conducted around the world have concluded that curcumin can effectively work as an anti-inflammatory agent and can also help in fighting infections. You can consume this spice in form of a drink; add 2 teaspoon of turmeric powder either to water or to milk and drink it 2 to 3 times every day for three consecutive days. A paste prepared using turmeric and milk can be applied topically on the skin areas with abscesses. While  [...]

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