Cancer Causing Pollutants

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The pollutants that can act as causes of cancer include the following:

The air pollutants:
The air pollutant that is held responsible for causing cancer is photochemical smog, which is a blend of sunlight, nitrogen oxides and VOCs. This air pollutant is primarily found in the metropolitan cities. According to current statistics, in every 1 million Americans there are 36 cancer patients. However, the density of cancer patients is a lot more among the people residing in industrial regions and freeways of the country. For example, Los Angeles County as a whole has 63 cancer patients in every 1 million people living here; however, the number of cancer patients becomes as high as 1,200 in every 1 million inhabitants for people living in the suburban regions of Los Angeles that have freeways running through them. People living around the industrial regions and freeways are at higher risk of developing cancer because of the presence of smog pollutants.

Cancer causing pollutants Cancer causing pollutants

The water pollutants:
Similar to the air pollutants, water pollutants can also be responsible for causing cancer. The most common cancer causing water pollutant is chromium 6 or hexavalent chromium. Some of the industries that can result in formation of chromium 6 as byproduct include: wood preserving, leather tanning and chrome plating industries. Medically, chromium 6 has been designated as one of the major animal and human carcinogens. A person, who gets exposed to hexavalent chromium, is at high risk of developing stomach and lung cancers. The other water pollutants that can cause cancer include: vinyl chloride, bromate, tetrachloroethylene and dichloroethylene.

Water pollutants Water pollutants

The food pollutants:
When meat is cooked at high temperature a combination of amino acids and creatine result in formation of heterocyclic amines. This chemical increases one’s risk of getting cancer. A study conducted on this subject has revealed that individuals consuming beef 4 times or more in a week were twice more likely to develop stomach cancer compared to individuals who do not eat beef so frequently. This increase in risk is due to the heterocyclic amines.

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