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Healthy living is all about eating right and staying fit. Your health would have lot to benefit if you add some detox foods to the daily diet. There are many super foods with properties of detoxifying which help to ensure that you have a good life and you have a healthy type of living.

Some of the best detoxifying foods are there in our regular diet and give the best of healthy lifestyle. Almonds for example are the best kind of food, which are high in calcium, fiber, useable protein, and fiber. All these help to stabilize blood sugar and helps in removing impurities from the intestines and bowels.

Healthy living and Detox foodsThen there are avocados, which are low in cholesterol and help in dilating the blood vessels. Avocados help in dealing with the toxicity in the arteries. They also have a substance called glutathione, which blocks at least 30 different kinds of carcinogens. These carcinogens aid in detoxification of the synthetic chemicals. There are many people who found that the elderly people have high levels of glutathione and thus are likely to suffer from problems of arthritis less.

Beetroots are also a great source of plant minerals that are fantastic fighters of infection and also are great liver cleansers. They also purify the blood and help to increase the intake of oxygen in the body’s cells and thus cleanse the body totally. It is believed that Aphrodite used to eat beets to help to maintain her beauty. Beetroot help to stabilize the acid alkaline balance in the blood and this helps in healthy detoxification.

Blueberries also have a natural aspirin that helps to lessen all the damages to the tissue that occurs due to chronic inflammation. This helps in lessening the pain. Blueberries have great antibiotic properties and block the bacteria in the urinary tract. These help to prevent infections. These possess properties of antiviral tendencies with the best kinds of phytonutrients, which are called proacnthocyanidis.

Then there is cabbage that has lot of antioxidant compounds and anti cancer properties, which break down all the hormones. It helps in cleaning the digestive tract and helps to calm the stomach. This is because it ahs antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable, has a lot of detoxification capacity, and helps to neutralize the compounds that are normally found in cigarette smoke. They also have a compound that helps to detoxify the liver.

Have cranberries, which have strong antiviral and antibiotic substances, which help to clean the harmful bacteria that are found in the body. There are viruses in the urinary tract that have to be cleansed and cranberries help to do it.

Then you have flaxseed which  is another fatty acid substance is rich with omega3. All these are very good cleansers and help in maintaining the immunity of the system. They are good for the brain and also provide good immunity to the body on the whole thus maintaining a healthy living.

Garlic is another foodstuff that cleans all Healthy Living the harmful bacteria and also the parasites in the intestine and also the viruses that attack the body. Garlic also eliminates any virus in the intestine and the blood, cleans the arteries, and lowers the bloods pressure too. The anti cancer antioxidant properties totally detoxify the harmful substances. The respiratory tract also remains clean with the help of garlic. The sinuses and the respiratory tract is also clean due to consumption of garlic. Garlic helps to expel the mucous in the sinus.

Kale has some properties, which help to flush out all the unwanted substance within. Kale like cabbage neutralizes the compounds that are mainly found in cigarette smoke.

Then you have legumes, lemons, and seaweed all of which are good antioxidants and clean the entire system and put you on the path to healthy living.

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