Minerals for Getting Rid of Smoking Habit

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Giving up the practice of smoking is indeed one of the most difficult jobs. According to several survey results, smoking is the premiere preventable disease across the world. No medication can promise a fortnightly relief from this deadly addiction. However, if the right dosage of medicines is followed with the intake of essential nutrients, the person will definitely meet success in giving up smoking for the entire life. Selenium is counted one among the essential nutrients that aid in recuperating the body surviving with the umpteen damages caused by the toxic gases and chemicals of cigarette smoke. Selenium is a beneficial mineral with anti-oxidant properties. It is known for managing the natural defense system of the body, immune system. It shields the cells present at the vital organs of the body from the distorting effects of the free radicals. It clears out all the toxic collection as well as viral infestation around the immune system and restores its lost strength.

Getting rid of smokingThis nutrient is also critical for managing the metabolism of thyroid hormone. It is significantly responsible for converting the T4 hormone into the active T3 form. This induces strength and energy among the cells as well as the body systems.

Zinc is another essential mineral which is significantly depleted due to the inhalation of smoke. It is observed that the concentration of zinc in the blood plasma of smokers is significantly low in comparison to others. Further, studies have shown that Zinc bears properties to support and promote the health of the immune system. It prevents the toxic build up to disrupt the normal functioning of this important system of the body. This helps the person to restore his health, especially at the time when he faces the bouts of withdrawal symptoms. Secondly, this mineral encourages the health of epithelial tissues present both at skin and lungs. This accelerates the speed of natural healing of the damages and wounds in the organs caused by the hard-hitting smoke.

Further, Zinc is especially recommended to smokers suffering from Emphysema. This is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which causes abnormal enlargement of air sacs in the bronchioles.  The regular intake of this mineral is strongly recommended along with the follow up of right breathing techniques for curing this disease.

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