How To Avoid Feminine Odour

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Feminine Odour is something that embarrasses a woman and she finds reasons to hide this discomfort. Actually, any woman for that matter need not really worry about it so much. Noticeable odours are seen a great deal even in a healthy vagina. But for some it could be more and it becomes in fact more pronounced in some women after intercourse. But a woman need never worry about such conditions.

Odours in women are commonplace but when the odour is fishy smelling and also accompanied by a yellowish, grayish discharge then it could be an alarm raiser as this means infection. Normally conditions like bacterial vaginosis and vaginitis occur with such symptoms. Vaginal odour also changes with the diseases transmitted sexually. Most of the women practise a good hygiene routine every day to avoid such problems. However, if the odour persists, then it is best to go to your gynaecologist.

Maintain a Good Vaginal Hygien TipsSo what exactly do you do to maintain a good vaginal hygiene?

First, ensure that you have a regular bath. Bathing with plain water is the best so do make sure that you clean your vulva and vaginal areas well enough. Also, make sure that you do not use too much soap there as it spoils the balance of healthy bacteria there. Choose a good soap and a mild one otherwise and enjoy your daily hygiene.

In our fast life, we sometimes forget to dry ourselves properly after a bath. Dry the vulva properly and use a clean towel. Do not put your underwear until the area is dry. Sometimes the wetness there also results in a bad odour.

Underwear should preferably of cotton, so avoid all those silk, nylon, and synthetic underwear however beautiful they look.

If nothing works, then go to the doctor and take some medical treatment if needed. Redness, swelling in the vulval area and burning results in odour. So rule out all the possibilities as it is important to take care of women’s health at all times.

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