Eye-Opening Revelations about ‘Light’ Cigarettes

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Vast numbers of the smoker populace opt for ‘light’, ‘low tar’ or ‘mild’ varieties in cigarettes since they consider light cigarettes might cause lesser harm as compared to ‘full flavour’ or ‘regular’ brands. Though light cigarette smokers have cited its feeling being more smooth and light on their throats and chests, these are not to be mistaken as a more healthful option to regular brands of cigarettes. The reality is that light cigarettes do not lower the health hazards of smoking. Smoke cessation is the sole means of reducing one’s risk as well as that of the people around.

Low Tar, Nicotine figures flashed on Light and Ultra light Cigarette Packets and Advertisements

Such figures are obtained from smoking machines that puff each product of cigarette in precisely the analogous manner.

This information does not truly notify the exact amount of nicotine, tar presence a person smoking might be getting since every person smokes cigarette in a different manner. Also the manner of smoking differs in individuals and smoking machines.

Light Cigarettes – How they deceive smoking machines?

Light CigarettesLight cigarettes have been created having small pin apertures on the filter mechanism. The filter vent design in light cigarettes work by diluting the smoke expelled along with air when smoking machines puff such brands. This leads to falsely less levels of nicotine and tar being measured by the smoking machines.

Several people who smoke such cigarette brands are unaware of the vent apertures present in them. Such filter apertures get exposed when such brands are puffed on smoking machines. But, placement of such filter apertures is around mm-distance from the point on the cigarette where the lip or finger placement is done when they are smoked. As a consequence, such vent apertures get blocked by several people who smoke such brands that essentially transform it to a regular one.

Several tobacco makers increase width of the paper that wraps the exterior part of the cigarette filter which lessens the number of inhalations occurring at the time of the machine testing. Though tobacco underneath the wrapping is yet obtainable to smokers, the tobacco does not get burnt at the time of the machine testing thus resulting in lesser nicotine and tar amounts being measured than what is obtainable to smokers.

Since a smoker, disparate to smoke machines yearn nicotine thus far deeper inhalation with large, swifter or recurrent puffs are taken. Also for satisfying the nicotine yearning, a couple of additional cigarettes would be smoked daily – a behaviour known as compensating. Thus the smoker ends up taking in greater amounts of nicotine, tar as well as other detrimental chemical substances than what the smoking machine based readings indicate.

Medical Proof regarding effects of light cigarettes on health

According to the NCI (National Cancer Institute), light cigarettes offer no health benefits to those people who smoke them. The NCI also arrived at a conclusion that smokers who switched to light brand from the regular ones had a likelihood of inhaling the analogous levels of harmful chemical substances and are at an elevated risk of suffering from smoking-linked cancer types and other conditions.

Several studies have also shown that the promotional strategy adopted by tobacco manufacturers are designed for reassuring smoker populaces and discouraging them from ceasing smoking and leading end-users to falsely believe that filter and light brand of cigarettes are a safe substitute to the regular brands.

There is dearth of proof that changing to ultra light/light cigarettes, in fact, helped smokers in quitting the habit.

Tobacco Manufacturers study on Light Cigarettes

Papers by the tobacco manufacturers reveal that they are well-aware of the fact that those who smoke light cigarettes try compensating by doing bigger-sized inhalations.

The tobacco industry’s documentation additionally reveal that they are sentient earlier on about the disparity in-between machine-evaluated yield of nicotine, tar and the levels smokers truly inhale.

The Gist of it all

No kind of cigarette is safe and the sole substantiated manner of reducing one’s risk of smoking-linked ailment is complete smoke cessation.

A smoker who quits has a lengthier existence as compared to a person who continues with the habit. Moreover, the sooner a smoker quits, better the health gains. Studies have proven that individuals who ceased prior to turning thirty eliminated nearly all the risk of getting a tobacco-associated ailment. Also a smoker quitting the habit at fifty lowers his/her risk of death due to tobacco-related ailment.

Smoke cessation additionally lowers one’s risk of suffering from heart attack, lung cancer, stroke and incessant lung conditions.

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