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Many of us often resort to granny’s home cures and several of these truly do appear to have a favourable effect. Although science has not corroborated it, in case it is not causing any harm and one is able to comprehend the encouraging effects then they are definitely worth trying.

Outlined herewith are several highly effectual, fascinating & unusual home cures.

Foul BreathFoul Breath

Eating a mini cup of curds or yoghurt daily could have an inhibiting action on odour-producing bacterial forms.

Chomping down raw carrot is a good idea when one is sensing foul-smelling breath. Frequently, putrefying food specks lodged in the mouth trigger foul breath and chewing on carrots helps in stimulating salivation that provides riddance from them. Moreover, fibre presence in carrots has a tooth-brushing effect on the gum and tooth areas.


Mixing onion post-grating alongside some salt, packing it over the bruises and grasping it in place for around 10 minutes during an instant. Onion is high in inflammation-combating plant pigment – quercetin that allays swell-up around the site of bruising.

Dressings soaked in chilled vinegar could be applied over wounds or bruising for 10 to twenty minutes. A bruise develops due to a bang causing blood vessel breakage and blood seeping underneath the skin causing swell-up, pains and discoloured appearance. Vinegar improves blood circulation close to the skin’s exterior that aids in dissipating blood pool-up in the wounded site.

Body OdoursBody Odours

Soda Bicarb
Dusting soda bicarbonate over the skin using powder puffs helps in neutralizing and removing odours as it soaks up perspiration, liquids and other matter which are contributory to awkward and heady body smells. It is even works wonders on smelly foot.

Juicing radish by blitzing it in a mixer and then placing it on a cloth and straining it. Following a shower, patting the underarms and foot dry and then smearing on some of this juice over these areas and let them get dried up. Radish has antiseptic and fungicidal properties.

Feeling Constipated

Eating a cut up of cucumbers daily as it is laden with fibre and liquids and has a slight purgative effect which aids in overcoming lethargic bowel movement.

Aloe Vera
Aloe-Vera juice has a chemical substance known as anthraquinone glycosides that could relieve constipated feeling by causing bowel stimulation.

Drinking liquorice-based teas, or chewing and swallowing it or mixing ½ teaspoonful liquorice root (powdered form) in tepid water and drinking it has known unconstipative effects.

Flu and ColdFlu & Cold

Gargling with chilled thyme-infused teas aids in releasing thymol – an active constituent that has potent antibacterial properties. Even ginger-infused teas are a potent drink.


Coconut Oil
Massaging the scalp and leaving on for the entire night and then rinsing off ably tackles dandruff. In several situations, fungus infections causes dandruff & repeatedly using this oil has been noted to possess virus and fungus fighting traits due to presence of caprylic acid and auric acid.

Loose Bowels

After unpeeling the apple, grating it till its central portion and leaving the shredded pieces on the platter for around twenty minutes till they darken in appearance and then eating them. Pectin presence in apple helps in firming the faeces and has anti-inflammatory action. Apple is high in tartaric acid and malic acid that control abdominal acidity. Letting the apple go brownish prior to eating translates to increasing amounts of such compounds being obtainable.

Brown sugar
Mixing 1-2 teaspoonfuls of brown sugar in tepid water and drinking it helps in killing infection-causing organisms and the molasses presence has antiseptic action.


Steeping 4 tea bags into scorching water for 10 minutes, allowing it to return to room temperature and applying the liquids on to the problematic skin region with cloth. Tannin presence in teas has sharp, penetrating properties for combating inflammation.

Mixing turmeric along with coconut oil and in a gentle manner applying it on the afflicted skin portion for around 5 minutes at an instant, repeating twice or thrice daily. Curcumin presence in it is deemed to have inflammation-combating and antioxidant traits while the caprylic acid plus auric acid obliterate all bacterial forms that might have gained entry via the skin cracks.

Agonizing Joint Aches

Tonic Water
Glugging down a glassful daily is believed to reduce joint aches due to the quinine presence in it. Arthritic patients have cited allayed symptoms following consumption of tonic water during a flare up.

Drinking basil infused teas two times a day is thought to obstruct the actions of inflammation and pains causing enzyme cyclooxygenase.

Making a pasty blend of turmeric with scalding water, cooling it and then applying it over agonizing joints and dressing it up to be left for thirty minutes for two times daily.


Eating onion (in uncooked form) half-piece everyday on all those days which lead to one’s menses is considered to balance out premenstrual syndrome symptoms and hormonal fluctuations due to the chromium presence.

Placing cooled cabbage leaf directly in the brassiere relieves tender feeling in breasts and when placed on lower belly allays stomach aches. Cold compresses also have the analogous effects. Alternately, the cabbage leaves could be warmed and blanched in scalding water, ironing them or microwaving them and then applying them.

Brown Sugar plus Ginger
Drinking brown sugar & ginger infused tepid water two times a day are believed to calm the mind and allay pains.

Being Stressed out

Oil extracted from cloves could be added to baths as its innate pain-allaying features permeate the skin’s surface, enhance blood supply and cause muscle loosening.

Sore throatThroat Soreness

Bay Leaves
Boiling fistful bay leaves, mashing them till tender, wet masses and on cooling applying to outer area of throat and leaving on for thirty minutes. Their antibacterial and inflammation-combating features help to soothe the throat.

Rinsing or gargle the insides of the oral region with tepid water plus arnica extracts allays throat soreness. They are obtainable in tablets/tinctures and possess inflammation tackling properties.


Horse Radish
Grating it and then applying to the sore gum area is believed to soothe tooth aches since the allyl isothiocyanate compound presence in it has an anesthetizing effect.


Lavender-infused compresses could be used as dressings and placed at a bearable temperature over the skin’s surface and left till it cools down. It de-sensitizes pains and has inflammation and soreness combating properties.

Applying soaked, mashed figs over afflicted region to be left for an hour’s time. Morin presence in fig has been noted to lower uric acid presence which accrues in the joint area due to gout.


Placing sliced uncooked onion on the backside of the neck as cold compresses for allaying strained areas which might cause headaches.

Placing mashed ripe bananas on the tender areas of head for nearly fifteen minutes and repeating as necessary. The magnesium-rich presence in banana might aid in relaxing blood vessels that alter during a headache.

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