Being Heedful About 10 Nasal Allergy Symptoms

Are you one of those who frequently sneeze, has teary eyes, scratchy, dribbling nose and feels congested?  All the vacuuming along with HEPA filters, staying at home during times of peak pollen counts and taking symptom-allaying medicines as per directions does not seem to be providing much respite from allergy symptoms.

Symptom 1: Allergy salutes

Allergic salutes like the gestures of swiping a scratchy, leaky nasal tip are particularly widespread among kids.

Raccoon Eyes
Symptom 2: Raccoon-like Eyes

Under eye dark circles is another one of the niggling allergy symptoms resulting due to scratchy eyes frequently been rubbed, watery or teary eyes, recurrent sneezes and a leaky nose are signs that could be allayed by taking antihistamines. In case one has been taking this form of medicine then one could discuss with a physician about amending dosage schedules.

Symptom 3: Unremitting chest congestion

A person would usually experience stuffy nasal passage generally lasting for seven to fourteen days in the presence of a cold. In case congestion prolongs then allergies are most probably suspected. When an allergic reaction develops, the cell lining of a person’s nasal passages would develop swelling and start producing excessive mucus that could be contributory to headache and pressure build-up in the sinuses. Decongestant medications could offer temporary respite, but in case of long-standing respite an allergist’s guidance and opinion must be sought.

Symptom 4: Breathing difficulty with typical whistling sounds

When a person frequently wheezes it is mostly linked to asthma; however it could additionally be an indication of an allergic reaction developed following exposure to pollens, moldy growths, animal dander or several irritant types. The classic whistle noise would be clearly audible when air passes via the constricted air pathways. In acute situations, blockage in air passage would requisite prompt medical attention. In case a person is suffering due to allergy-related wheezing then he/she should be assessed and examined by a physician.

Symptom 5: Scratchy skin

Itchiness could be merely an indication of skin dryness. However, in case it is continually occurring and is particularly surfacing alongside rashes then it could be due to eczema which is a form of skin reaction prevalent among individuals having allergies. Triggering factors could comprise of certain soaps or detergents, animal shedding and coarse-textured substances. Certain brands of moisturizer and hydrocortisone creams could allay flare-ups. In case of acute cases, prescription drugs could be advised.

Symptom 6: Hives

HivesHives are reddish bumpy appearance which can be itchy and lasting for many days. Mostly they develop due to allergic reactions to certain kind of foods, medicines, insect bites or the sun’s rays. Antihistamine medicines generally are quite effectual in providing instant respite. However, the ideal course of action would be identifying and avoiding the trigger.

Symptom 7: Wakefulness

Itchiness, coughing, congested feeling, wheezing and sinus pains are allergy symptoms that could hinder sound sleep. Even several allergy medications could disturb normal sleep patterns. A doctor’s opinion could be sought regarding any change on allergy therapy schedule in case one is finding difficulty in getting proper sleep.

Symptom 8: Problems in focussing and concentration

Teary eyes, dribbling nose could make concentrating tough and antihistamine medicines could elicit hazy feeling. In case one’s work, personal relations and other spheres of life are getting affected due to these allergy symptoms then it is time to discuss viable therapy choices with an allergy expert.

Symptom 9: Weariness

Allergy could really cause a dip to a person’s energy levels. Firstly, allergy symptoms could hamper sound slumber and then cause an incessant over-reaction of a person’s immune system thus causing exhaustion and tiredness. Thirdly, a number of antihistamine medicines could elicit sleepiness. Though there are several other brands available that would not make one drowsy.

Symptom # 10: Feeling the blues

Often allergy flare-ups could bring about depression and several studies have been able to establish an association in-between allergic reaction and mood variations. There are many effectual therapies for depression which could be taken after seeking medical opinion.

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