Varicocele Infertility – What Men need to be heedful about?

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Varicocele is an unusual swelling or enlargement in the varicose veins present in the scrotum. These are commonly noted to affect fifteen percent of men on the whole, and forty percent of men with identified infertility. Varicoceles are usually noted to develop in the left testicle.

The varicocele repair surgery for improving male fertility is generally performed on an outpatient basis under the influence of local or general anaesthesia. A tiny slit is done on the abdominal area just near the site where originally testicles descended via the abdominal wall. The veins producing the varicocele are detected and incised for eliminating blood supply to the varicocele.

Optionally, a non-operative method known as percutaneous embolization could be performed for treating varicocele infertility. A tiny catheter is introduced via a big vein in the neck/groin, slowly advancing it to the varicocele, which is blocked-up using a balloon, loop or medicines.

Post Surgery – What to expect?

varicocele male infertilityVaricocele repairing is classically performed on an outpatient basis with patient being discharged within four hours of a routinely performed varicocele surgery. Pain allaying medicines are advised for some days following surgery.

Resuming routine light tasks could be done within two days following surgery and any taxing tasks could be done in a week’s time.

Why is the surgery performed?

Several studies have shown that varicoceles cause a dip in testosterone levels and a widespread reason for male infertility and by simple surgical procedure varicocele infertility is treated and testosterone levels improved.

Varicoceles are believed to cause a surge in testicular temperature or lead to blood backing up in the veins that supply the testicles. Although the manner in which varicoceles cause male infertility still needs to be better explored, they do appear to assist in causing harm and killing the sperms. Those males with weakened sperm and varicocele are usually candidates for this surgery.

A divisive way that several infertility specialists convey concerns about not being as effectual as an infertility treatment.


A number of investigators have noted that varicocele repair do seem to offer encouraging pregnancy rates, while there are others who has observed similar conception rates among pairs that have opted not be undergo a varicocele repair.

The outcomes of a research conducted revealed that subsequent to having undergone varicocele removal treatment, there was immense improvement in testosterone levels in over 2/3rds of the males in the study.

  • Likely infection arising at the site being operated.
  • Fluid accruement in the scrotum also known as hydrocele necessitating drainage.
  • Harm to arteries/nerves located in the pubic region.
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