Daylight Saving Time & Ways of Improving Sleep

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The conclusion of National Sleep Awareness week aptly overlaps with the inception of Daylight Saving Time this Sunday at two a.m. as watches ‘sprung’ forwards an hour causing many an American to lose sleep – a day when effects of inadequate snooze are sensed & much bewailed about.

Daylight saving time which starts a week prior to spring officially commencing, offers individuals a chance for practicing sound sleeping habits which need to be retained for the entire year.

The sad reality is that awareness about the value of sleep is often underestimated with sleep deprivation having become an insignia of honour for many – though studies have time and again shown that sufficient sleep is the key to healthful lifestyle and benefiting appearances, weight, mind & heart. The lasting effects of sleep deficit entail acute health risks such as diabetes & cardiovascular ailment.

According to the National Sleep Foundation advices 7-10 hours sleep on a nightly basis for adults. Adequate sleep for kids & teenagers with body & brain yet under development, usually ten hours every night is a must.

Tips for Practicing Favourable Sleep Habits
  • Specialists have since long advised about evading exercises, huge meals & heavily-spiced food an hour pre-bed time. Also the intake of caffeine-based drinks and chocolates in the later part of the day must be avoided.
  • Even though alcohols could help one relax, they could be keeping one awake during nights since once they get metabolized in the body, they function alike a stimulant.
  • Sleeping in a noise, light, mess & distraction-free environment & setting the thermostat to a somewhat cool temperature setting. Also not allowing any pet animals in the sleeping area and do not read, eat or watch television in bed. Do not keep glancing at the watch when one cannot go to sleep. Setting up an unwinding period before hopping into bed.
  • The use of light-weight, comfy beddings & items of clothing with an alluring, fresh-smelling perfume would certainly work as an effectual sleeping aid for several people. Many sportspersons who are aware of the cooling & moisture-absorbing properties of so-dubbed performance fabrics would certainly be game to using these on their mattresses. Sheex bed sheets prepared from fabrics permit heat dissipation from the garments thus assisting in moderating heat & keeping one dry.
  • Treating the bed as a haven. Specialists advice that it must be used solely to sleep & for sex so that it is always synonymous to relaxation & contentment. Young ones must be discouraged from using the bed for doing their studies or any use of electronics gadgets in bed.
  • Avoid taking any OTC sleeping aids and as a substitute drink tepid decaf tea or milk for increasing temperature of your body that aids in inducing & sustaining snooze.
  • Though exercising promotes sleep, one must ideally not be doing it within duo hours pre-bed time.
  • Oftentimes people who are not able to get sufficient sleep try coping with taking naps which could in fact be working counterproductively since circadian rhythms get thrown out of whack leading to a nasty cycle of disquiet. In case one feels the need for visiting the bed pre-night time then specialists advice about having a brief hour-long nap ideally prior to three p.m.
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