Healthy diet and ADHD

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Healthy food is very important for all the children who are in their growing stage. A healthy diet is a must for all those children who should have strong bones and good health. For children with attention hyperactivity disorder healthy food is a must and a healthy diet is a mainstay of ADHD. Ahealthy diet for an ADHD child would be one that has good fiber, omega, folate, and such effective substances. This decreases hyperactivity largely. Also, if you have a diet that is rich in vegetables, fish, and whole grains then it is good for hyperactive kids. A good diet for an ADHD child is one that has lesser amount of refined sugar and fat. Then there is the elimination diet with always tries to avoid common food allergens like nuts, fish, vegetables, and whole grains. There is the Feingold diet, which keeps away from artificial coloring, preservatives, artificial flavorings; These types of diets are not easy to follow. Changing the eating habits is always not enough to get an improved behavior  [...]

Are All Healthy Foods Really Healthy?

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Being fit and healthy is the mantra today and we all strive to be health conscious and sometimes in the quest to achieve a healthy body, we have a herd mentality and believe in the myths of the healthy foods, but in reality are they as healthy as they claim to be? We should have a scientific approach when it comes to a healthy diet, rather than follow the silly myths and seek unsolicited advice from so called nutrition and health experts. We all believe that organic foods are healthy as they are produced without synthetic pesticides, and chemical fertilizers, but the fact of the matter is organic foods can be highly processed and may be high in calories, sugar and fats. Hence eating real, whole, unprocessed foods is a wise option. The multi grain bread you buy daily is made from refined white flour with a few seeds or whole grains added for texture. It is imperative that you should check the labels on the bread and it should read 100% whole wheat or 100% whole grain and if the label  [...]

Health Diet – Organic Foods

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To live a healthy life and to have a fit body, health diet plays a very important role. It is imperative that our diet consists of nutrients which help us to be healthy and keeps us away from various diseases. Research has proved that the chemicals used in the preservation and cultivation of food products and fruits are harmful for our body. Organic foods are the best alternative for our healthy diet. Organic foods are foods produced without using chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified raw materials and processed without using chemical substances or other synthetic substances. Also organic foods can include meat, dairy products, poultry produced without using antibiotic or artificial growth hormones. Organic products are checked by a government body to test its quality, and to verify all the norms have been followed to check no harmful substances have been used. Stringent tests are carried out to verify the same. The benefits of organic foods are as follows: To  [...]

Medical benefits of green tea

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Research has shown that green tea considerably reduces the risk of esophageal cancer. Green tea also reduces the overall cholesterol levels.  It is said to improve the High-density lipoprotein as well as Low-density lipoprotein. Green tea is a rich source of catechin polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This acts as a destructor of cancerous cells in the body. Green tea also detoxifies the body, purifies the blood and reduces signs of aging from the skin. For people who are trying to reduce their caffeine intake green tea is a healthy solution. Green tea is indeed not completely caffeine free but yet if you compare it with regular tea or coffee it is present in a substantially lesser percentage. Green tea also regulates the blood sugar levels and therefore it is a good immunizer for diabetic patients. Green tea is also known to burn excessive body fats and to help the metabolic rate to gain momentum. This expedites weight loss in the body. Thus green tea is an  [...]

Foods to Be Avoided by Goiter Patients

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A person develops goiter when his or her thyroid gland is enlarged. Enlargement of the thyroid gland occurs when it fails to secrete enough hormone required by our body. If you have goiter, you should avoid consuming certain foods. This article will inform you about the foods to be avoided by patients with goiter. Cruciferous vegetables are rich in sulfur compounds known as glucosinolates. Breaking of the glucosinolates results in production of byproducts known as isothiocyanates. In a medical study conducted in the year 1995 it was found that isothiocyanates blocks iodine absorption and uptake by thyroid gland, which results in formation of goiter. According to majority of the medical experts, the leading cause of goiter is iodine deficiency. When you consume cruciferous vegetables, you are indirectly stopping iodine from affecting the thyroid gland positively. Some examples of cruciferous vegetables are: kale, Brussels sprout, broccoli, turnips, cauliflower, cabbage, mustard, kohlrabi  [...]

Foods to Avoid If You Have Uric Acid

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Our body produces uric acid naturally; but there are also several; food sources of uric acid. The foods that are known as uric acid triggers are nightshade vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, wheat, baker’s and brewer’s yeast, corn, egg and milk. Below we have discussed about some other high protein food items that should be avoided by uric acid patients. The uric acid causing culprit in protein reach food items is purine. Poultry and meat are rich sources of purine and thus should be avoided strictly by people with uric acid. Majority of the meat products, particularly organ meats like liver, kidneys and brain contain excessively high amount of purine; they should never be included in the diet of a uric acid patient. If you need to take protein, you should use nonmeat sources like nuts and vegetables compensating your daily protein requirement. A person with uric acid should never take more than 5 oz of poultry and mean in a day. Similar to meat, fish  [...]

Dietary Tips for Anemic Individuals

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A person suffers from anemia due to lack of iron in his or her blood. The mineral iron is extremely important for our system as it is responsible for carrying oxygen from the heart to the other parts of our body. A person deficient of iron will get tired easily, find it difficult to work hard and will also have a weak immune system. Consuming a proper diet containing lots of food items rich in iron can help people to compensate the iron deficiency and get rid of anemia. Anemia due to iron deficiency is recognized as the most frequently occurring nutritional disorder of the world. Children and women are more susceptible towards developing anemia compared to the men. A child must take 7-11mg iron daily and the daily intake of iron for women between the age of 19 and 50years must be 18mg. Women who are in their childbearing age must consume more iron than those who are not because for the blood they lose every month through menstruation. All adult men and woman above 51 years of age must  [...]

ADHD Diet Essentials

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Though an apple daily could not be keeping ADHD symptoms at bay, however it may not harm either. Although there is no special victual which could totally be controlling ADHD symptoms instead of medicines, however scientists are probing deep into the part that an ADHD diet could don in enhancing focus & recollection. Presently, Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are the trendiest subject in ADHD diet. However while it is likely that EFA deficit could aggravate symptoms of ADHD, several experts yet feel that further studies are necessary for substantiating outcomes of preliminary trials. Salmons Such fatty fishes are potent sources of omega-3s, a form of EFA. Salmons are especially laden with docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a form of essential fatty acid which is crucial for kids & a vital segment of an ADHD diet since they are key building blocks in the brain’s developmental process during formative years. One could presently notice DHA listed in several brand names selling egg, yoghurt  [...]

Dukan Diet (Protal Diet) – The Trend for 2011

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It's always tough predicting what the upcoming year would be bringing you. The New Year is often started with the finest of goals, of getting riddance from the pounds pile-on from the past year and getting a swimsuit-ready body. Regrettably, several of these people would meet with failure, however, possibly just perhaps – one may just be successful with a newer approach – the Dukan Diet. J-Lo, Giselle among a lengthy list of celebs have been avid adherents of the novel French Dukan Diet, to aid in shifting the tough to budge post-gestational weight increase. Presently, mom of imminent queen of UK, Carole Middleton has once again veered the limelight to the Dukan diet – that was created by French dietician Doctor P. Dukan. The diet has been the mainstay in over a million houses in France where females seem to be meeting with successes. Dukan Diet boils down to 4 phases incorporating several of the finest diet approaches. Stage I - The attack phase is a protein-rich, zero-carb strategy,  [...]

Perfect Diet Do’s and Don’ts

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Time and again, we are bombarded with a new-fangled diet claimed to proffer sound health, express pounds loss & washboard abs. The reality is that the perfect diet already exists & is actually a well-balanced diet offering apt quantity & forms of calories for maintaining optimal bodily functioning. Perfect diet hovers around trio fundamental commandments, namely: Thou shall not miss breakfast since it is the most crucial meal of the day. Thou shall consume a minimum of trio meals daily as otherwise body-metabolism plummets. Thou shall try eating foods from all 6 food groups of the food pyramid, each offering 1 or more of the trio nutrients necessary for survival during all meals. In this manner one would be ingesting an ample quantity & improved quality of calories. Carbs Carbs are the key energy source for our bodies and of duo key types – complex (starch) & simple (sugar) carbs with even fiber being part of it. The sources of carbohydrates are fruit,  [...]

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