Dukan Diet (Protal Diet) – The Trend for 2011

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It’s always tough predicting what the upcoming year would be bringing you. The New Year is often started with the finest of goals, of getting riddance from the pounds pile-on from the past year and getting a swimsuit-ready body. Regrettably, several of these people would meet with failure, however, possibly just perhaps – one may just be successful with a newer approach – the Dukan Diet.

J-Lo, Giselle among a lengthy list of celebs have been avid adherents of the novel French Dukan Diet, to aid in shifting the tough to budge post-gestational weight increase. Presently, mom of imminent queen of UK, Carole Middleton has once again veered the limelight to the Dukan diet – that was created by French dietician Doctor P. Dukan. The diet has been the mainstay in over a million houses in France where females seem to be meeting with successes.

Dukan Diet boils down to 4 phases incorporating several of the finest diet approaches.

Stage I - The attack phase is a protein-rich, zero-carb strategy, a more stringent adaptation to the South Beach & Atkins Diet. People could select protein laden food varieties numbering to seventy-two in total that people could select from in the seven days of dieting.

Stage II – The Cruising phase wherein a protein-rich dietetic intake is alternated with a vegan dietetic intake on alternating days. Alongside the just mentioned seventy-four protein-laden food forms, there are another twenty-eight less carbohydrate veggies.

Stage III – Deemed the Consolidation phase wherein re-addition of carbohydrates are then done into everyday dietetic intake in miniscule quantities for avoiding weight increase. The follower is permitted duo meals in a week’s time wherein he/she could eat as his/her liking & the objective is a pound of loss for each five days in such phase.

Stage IV - Ultimately, no sooner has one’s attained targeted weight, the Stabilization Phase would commence. It is phase number IV & the last one having a slight twist – one is allowed eating whatever one wants daily apart from a single day on a week-by-week basis (Thursday being the chosen day) when one reverts to the Attack Phase & eats a protein-laden, carb-less regime. Founder of the Dukan Diet is a firm believer of the fact that when weight is taken off in this manner & one follows through till the last phase, one could maintain one’s targeted weight for a lifetime.

A paperback dedicated to the Dukan Diet is obtainable in over ten different languages and an English United Kingdom adaptation that was unfurled during last year has managed to garner top slot as being most popular across genders even prior to its release.

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