Perricone Diet for Trimmer Body & Glowing Skin

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Perricone Diet followers advocate that adhering to it is a fine means of feeling great, shedding pounds & looking youthful & better. Incorporation of food forms established to combat biologically & environmentally related factors which impact the manner in which a person ages – the Perricone Diet lays emphasis on melting pounds & averting diseases while proffering a healthy look to your skin as an added gain.

Perricone Diet Basics

The diet created by Doctor Nicholas Perricone lays focus on the downbeat consequences of unceasing inflammation on our body & health. One might be aware of severe inflammation – scrapes & several skin traumas that result from distress to the skin or over-exposure of the skin. But, one might not be aware of what Dr. Perricone explains as – an inner & unseen unceasing inflammation which results due to wrongly treating or abusing your body. An unwholesome dietetic intake & unremittingly being exposed to stresses lead to such form of inflammation, that is linked to overweight & obesity issues, an incapability of shedding pounds, cognitive health problems such as depressive tendencies, incessant & terminal ailments such cardiovascular ailment, cancers, diabetes among others. Dr. Perricone recommends that all permissible food forms that are part of this diet are ones which allay & prevent unremitting inflammation.

‘Do-Not’ List of Foods in the Perricone Diet

Dr. Perricone is a firm believer of the fact that sugar laden food forms which contain refined items must be avoided. The diet even focuses on steering clear of lesser apparent food forms like rice which the body could gamely transform to sugars to produce energy. The listing of inflammation causing food forms to be avoided include junk foods, sweet dishes such as pastry, pies; pastas, margarine, deep fry food forms, majority of the cheese varieties & sodas. Other items that are proscribed include shortenings, potato, corn syrup, corn starch-based foods & popcorn. Instead of the use of vegetable oils while cooking, it is better to use olive oil instead that has useful healthful fats. Swapping the consumption of fruit juice for eating fresh fruit varieties for obtaining extra fiber & avoiding any sugar additions is highly recommended. Generally, it all about application of common-sense & understanding of food forms for directing oneself in the direction of healthful food choices permitted in the Perricone diet.

Foods Allowed in the Perricone Diet

Wild Alaska Salmon is a vital protein constituent of the Perricone diet and laden with n-3 fatty acids. Incorporation of no less than 3 serves of fishes into one’s dietetic intake is recommended on a weekly basis. Though rather costlier than salmons cultured in farms, the additional outlay permits one is avoiding likely detrimental antibiotic & chemical presence. According to Dr. Perricone, deep coloured fruit & veggie forms indicate inflammation-combating antioxidants that are also known to fight aging. So, remember eating dark green & red bell peppers as regularly as possible. Nut & seed varieties have useful protein – a healthful nutrient which helps in satisfying hunger. Additionally remember including fruit & veggie varieties having fats that are good for the heart – like olive, coconuts & avocado into the novel eating regime.

Super Food Top 10 Listing

According to Doctor Perricone, people should be consuming plenty of the following mentioned foods which are believed to contain highest amounts of anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Barley
  2. Nut, seed varieties.
  3. Bean, Lentil forms.
  4. Acai berry.
  5. Sprouts, green-coloured foods.
  6. Buckwheat.
  7. Chilli pepper.
  8. Garlic.
  9. Foods that are part of the Allium family – shallots, leeks, scallions, onions.
  10. Kefirs, yoghurt.
Sample 1-Day Diet Menu

For Perricone diet followers there is structural similarity every day that entails the first meal of the day, lunch, snacks, dinner & eventually snacks at bed time. A believer of this diet, Oprah Winfrey has amply highlighted this diet during her talk shows. Moreover Oprah’s web page even offers a sample 5-day menu following this diet which one could easily refer to.

The foremost meal of the day comprises of:

  • Quarter cupful oatmeal (post slow-cooking) alongside a tablespoon berry.
  • Three ounces salmons post smoking or grilling.
  • Eight ounces water.

Lunch comprises of:

  • Cherry tomato (three numbers).
  • An egg (hard boil).
  • Walnut – 3.
  • Eight ounces water.

Dinner comprises of:

  • Wild salmon plus green leafy vegetables along with a quarter cupful asparagus (post-steaming).
  • Eight ounces water.

Bed-time Snack comprises of:

  • One-quarter hummus.
  • A celery stem.
  • Eight ounces of water.
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