Cease Self-Assault – 9 Ways of Healing Autoimmune Diseases

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An estimate 24 million individuals are afflicted with autoimmune diseases like RA, thyroid condition, IBD, lupus, MS, celiac disease among many other tough-to-categorize conditions which are basically inflammatory diseases. Doctors mostly address the issue by blocking off inflammation by prescribing Motrin, steroids, Advil and far greater potency immune-suppressant drugs which carry grave side-effects. However, regrettably several doctors are not trained in finding and treating the fundamental reasons of inflammation arising in chronic conditions.

Unknown allergen, infection, environmental toxic substances, an inflammation-eliciting dietetic intake and stress are the true reasons for such inflammatory conditions arising.

In case one intends on cooling down inflammation present in one’s body, the root has to be found. Treating the flames not the fumes is the key to managing autoimmune conditions. Doctors are trained to conduct diagnosis by checking signs and symptoms rather than their fundamental cause. However, an up-and-coming twenty-first concept of systems medicine, known as functional medicine trains the physician in treating the root, not merely symptoms and asking the query ‘why’ the patient is ill and not merely ‘what’ ailment does he/she have.

Understanding Autoimmunity

Autoimmune diseaseThe derivation of all autoimmune diseases is a core biochemical process – an escapee immune response or systemic inflammation which arises due to the body assaulting one’s own tissue types.

One’s immune system is one’s shield from invading parties and has to lucidly tell apart friends form foes. However, autoimmunity develops due to one’s immune system getting baffled and one’s body tissues getting engaged in responsive cross-fires. Our bodies could be battling anything – infections, toxins, allergens, foods or responding to stress. The body in some way re-directs its antagonistic assault on the regions of the joint, brain, thyroid, skin or at times an all-encompassing invasion.

The immune puzzlement develops as a result of ‘molecular mimicry’ for which usual strategies do not have a means of locating the abuse leading to the issue. Functional medicine offers a chart for uncovering the types of molecules that the cells are impersonating.

Regrettably, several of the conventional approaches obtainable could worsen the situation. Inflammation-combating medications such as Motrin, steroid, immune-suppressant types such as methotrexate and the novel TNF alpha blockers (Remicade, Enbrel) could cause a host of terrible side-effects like muscle wasting, bleeding in the intestines, depression, bone thinning, kidney malfunction, infections and even cancers.

Although the selective usage of such medications could assist individuals in getting better however these are not long-standing solutions.

Here are 9 steps to assist in treatment of autoimmune conditions

  • Checking for concealed infection – yeast, viral, bacterial among others with the assistance of a physician and getting treated.
  • Checking for unknown food allergen types using ‘IgF Food Testing’ or seeking professional advice on starting off on a diet created for eliminating majority of the food allergen types present in the body.
  • Undergoing testing for celiac disease which is basically blood analysis that doctors could conduct.
  • Getting examined for presence of any heavy metal toxic presence like mercury or others which could be causal to autoimmune diseases.
  • Resolving or fixing all gut-related issues like IBS.
  • Starting off with a daily intake of vitamins D, C, fish oil as well as probiotic foods for innately calming the immune system.
  • Exercising on a regular basis which is believed to be an innate inflammation combating decision.
  • Practicing deep-relaxation methods such as biofeedback technique, massages, deep-breathing and yoga for de-stressing the body. Being stressed out could worsen the immune system’s response.
  • Seeking advice of doctors trained in Functional medicine.
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