Male Birth Control Pill

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Discovery of the pill over five decades back empowered a woman in taking charge of her body in a novel manner – not having to depend on a man for preventing pregnancy.

Fifty years anon, females are able to choose from a wide-ranging array of pill and device types tailoring to their contraception requirements. Yet, despite the liberty of being able to select what method seems to suit them the most, they continue to be the ones modifying their bodies for the purpose of safer sex.

Women have to take day-to-day drugs or don tiny hormone release devices which physicians illustrate with daunting diagrammatic depictions.

Where are the prescriptions for males?

Apparently researchers across the globe are endeavoring to seek more choices for both genders to help in thwarting conception; several methods show potential are in clinical studies and might as well plug in several loopholes in the present day birth control market.

For males

Male Birth Control PillThe hilarious part is that the male birth control pill has been anticipated in next 5-10 years time since the past three decades. Scientists continue to promise the unraveling of a male hormonal birth control choice since a protracted span of time, however there are several credible reasons as to why it is that tough trying to uncover a technology apt for males. While a woman produces a single egg on a monthly basis males tend to be producing a thousand swimmers per second which could prove to be more challenging to close down that much manufacturing. However, males do not have times where there switch off producing sperms; hence it is tougher getting them in that condition.

The male hormone methods being developed employ a blend of progestin-testosterone that switches off signaling to the testes from the brain. About three thousand males have been registered in over thirty studies being done in this field over the past 3 decades.

Nearly 2/3rds of males administered hormone shots were found to have a complete restraining action on sperms being produced, and in ninety percent taken as a whole, it was quite less. For the remnant ten percent, yet, it does not provide adequate protection from likely conception.

However, a larger-scaled trial that enrolled a thousand Chinese males found that over 95% efficiency was observed in case of hormonal shots among men. Those who were administered the shots depended on them as the sole method of male birth control; investigators did follow-ups on their study candidates checking whether the couples were able to have a successful conception.

It is unclear as to why hormonal male birth control methods seem to be showing improved results among Chinese males as compared those men from the U.S.

Researchers are of the viewpoint that this disparity is likely due to genetics of the males from China. The method has not yet garnered approval from the Chinese regulatory agencies.

The male contraceptive gel and shot is further than even the pill in clinical studies since they are simpler in dosing.

The male contraceptive gel is presently in the second stage of clinical studies looks at efficiency, permeates across skin areas of the arms, torso or upper portion of the back similar to applications of sunscreens over the body. Though quite effectual in averting pregnancy, still in case there is no comprehensible market for it, several manufacturers would plausibly show some reluctance in investing a great deal in it.

Another issue is that several females fail in trusting men in using hormonal contraceptive methods and would need to watch them taking the pill for trusting them. Thus the male pill tends to elicit argument which the female pill does not.

Scientists are also at work creating a D.I.Y sperm count test analogous to a pregnancy test which would be helpful in seeing whether the hormonal contraception is functioning as per requirement.

There has also been buzz about a spray on version of condom on which tests commenced during 2007. The manner of working is the liquid latex has to be sprayed on the penile organ which on drying ensures a custom fit.

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