Apple is the fruit of life and good health

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Apple is the preferred fruit for all health freaks and dieticians. This easy-to-eat fruit is most recommended by doctors and health advisors. With many nutritional benefits apple is an ideal food for you and your family:

Given here are 7 benifits of eating apples:-

  • Bones: Apple is voted as the best fruit for strengthening and developing bones by most experts. It helps in increasing the the density of the bones. Apple is also helpful for women experiencing back-bone problem at the time menopause.
  • Asthma: Eating AppleFor asthma patients, apple is the best fruit for improving the respiratory system. Women who eat apples at the time of pregnancy lower the rate of asthma in their children. Apple juice is an ideal drink for asthma children
  • Cholesterol: Apples help in levelling cholesterol in body. It is proven that people who eat apple every day can successfully lower down cholesterol level by 16%
  • Cancer: People who get jitters as soon as they hear the word cancer can start eating apple to prevent cancer. Lung, liver, colon and breast cancer can be protected by having an apple every day.
  • Weight loss: Apple is a filling fruit. It not only helps in a health concerns but also encourages weight loss. It kills your appetite and craving for more food.
  • Diabetes: Do not worry if you are a fruit lover but fear increase in sugar levels. Apple is the right fruit for you. Apple is said to lower the need for insulin.
  • Nervous system: It is confirmed that apple is an excellent source for improving the nervous system. Apples help in avoiding brain damage.

With many other such benificial effects, The Apple rightly fulfills the famous proverb: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

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