The benefits of lenses in comparison to glasses that most people are not aware of

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Although glasses do have their benefits, it would appear that the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to the beauty stakes. True, glasses can be trendy if you find the right pair, but research has shown that people who need help with their sight on a daily basis generally prefer the benefits of contact lenses.

Not only will peripheral vision be improved without the obstruction of frames, exercise is also one of the main benefits reported from contact lens wearers. In addition to these practical benefits, there are beauty benefits.

First and foremost, most people do not like the way they look in glasses. Contact lenses let people see a person’s whole face, the eyes are arguably the most important feature and covering them up can have detrimental results. Eyes should be shown off and celebrated, not hidden away behind glasses.

Without Benefits of contact lenses over glassesglasses covering the eyes, people want to emphasise their eyes, usually this is done with make-up. Not only is the freedom to experiment with make-up a beauty bonus, but also many women have reported the difficulty in the actual application of make-up. It makes sense that to apply your make-up you need to remove your glasses rendering a person incapable of clearly seeing what they are doing. With contact lenses the possibility of applying eyeliner on your lips is much less likely!

For those special occasions when you want to make an entrance, be remembered for the right reasons; not for walking through the door with fogged up glasses or lenses covered in raindrops. Contact lenses give you the chance for some added sophistication even if you just wear them as a one off.

In addition to these beauty benefits, it is common to see people who wear glasses with small black or red marks on their face that have been left from the nose pads. Although there are ways of reducing these marks, better to not have them in the first instance. The marks can be uncomfortable and get infected; replacing glasses with contact lenses would eliminate this problem.

Taking these points into consideration, the beauty benefits of contacts in comparison to glasses stand to make a good case for trading in your glasses for an upgrade.

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