High Protein Low Carb Diet

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High protein low carb diets continue to be extensively endorsed in the recent past as a successful weight loss strategy wherein the general recommendation is receipt of thirty to fifty percent of sum calorific worth from proteins.

The Paleolithis diet (caveman diet), Atkins diet, Zone diet are examples of high protein low carb diet.

How does a high protein low carb diet work?

Drastic carbohydrate restriction to just a small proportion of that present in a classic American diet makes the body go into a diverse metabolic state known as ketosis, wherein the body starts melting its own fats to produce energy. Usually, the body exhumes carbs for energy – it is the key energy source for the cardiovascular, nervous system & several organ types. An individual in ketosis obtains fuel from ketones, small carbon pieces which are the energy generated when adipose deposits are broken down. While our bodies are in ketosis, there is a lesser tendency of feeling hunger, & hence lesser likelihood of eating as compared to what may otherwise be the case. But, ketosis could even lead to health issues like kidney malfunction.

Consequently, the body would change from a carb-melting machine into a flab-melting machine. Hence, rather than depending on the carb-laden products one might classically eat for fuel, & leaving the adipose deposits what they were earlier (regrettably areas like the hip, tummy & thigh), the person’s adipose deposits turn out to be a key fuel source. The supposed outcome is weight reduction.

High Protein Low Carb Diets – Associated Risks

Here are the varied health conditions that could arise from following high protein low carb diets:

  • Excess protein intake could be straining the kidneys making the individual more prone to kidney condition.
  • It is ably established that protein-rich diets (comprising of whole milk items, red meats & several fat-rich food forms) are associated with elevated cholesterol. Researches have associated elevated amounts of cholesterol to an augmented risk of suffering from cardiovascular ailment, strokes & cancers.
  • Intake of protein-laden diets has even been found to be causal to abnormal calcium excretion via urination. When this occurs over protracted lengths of time, it could augment an individual’s risk for bone thinning & kidney stone.
  • Among the explanations protein-rich diets augment the dangers of particular health conditions due to evading carb-comprising food types & several mineral, vitamin, fiber & antioxidant forms they have. It is thus crucial to obtain proteins from dietetic intake high in fruit, veggie and whole-grain varieties. This way, one’s requirements of protein are being catered to alongside lowering one’s risk for cancers.
  • Less carbohydrate dietetic intake could make the body enter a perilous metabolic situation known as ketosis as the body exhumes fats rather than glucose to obtain energy. At the time of ketosis, the body produces ketones that could lead to organ failure & leading to malfunctioning and stone formation in the kidneys, gout. Ketones could even slacken an individual’s desire for food, causing queasiness & foul breath. Ketosis could be averted by the intake of a minimum of a hundred gm carbs daily.
Would a high protein low carbohydrate diet be suiting me?

Such hypothesis of weight reduction continue to be unsubstantiated & majority of the specialists have concerns that high protein, low carb diets could be causal to an array of conditions, especially for the major section of the populace which is at danger for cardiovascular ailment. Moreover, the agenda does not allow an elevated consumption of fruit & veggie varieties, suggested by majority of the nutritionists due to the several known health advantages from such food forms.

The specialists state that for achieving lasting weight reduction one needs to alter lifestyles which translates to adhering to a lesser calorific dietetic intake which entails legume, fruit, grain & veggie varieties coalesced with partaking in regularly done physical activities.

Prior to commencing on any type of diet, ensure seeking advice from your physician to ascertain which strategy is appropriate for you.

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