Purple Day 2011 – March is National Epilepsy Awareness Month

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The WHO statement that the social effects of epilepsy are oftentimes far trickier in overcoming as compared to the seizures themselves – does strike a chord in many of us.

Epilepsy is a brain function condition manifesting itself as recurrent convulsive/ non convulsive seizures. It isn’t merely a single disorder; but instead a miscellaneous family of conditions including several forms of seizure. It could arise in any age, irrespective of sex or ethnicity. Earlier epilepsy was deemed as a disorder of the youngsters as it was thought that majority of the individuals experienced their foremost seizure prior to twenty years of age. But, presently those in their mid-fifties too are being identified as a susceptible set. Ten percent of the populace are at risk of suffering a seizure in his/her life span whilst three to four percent would be going on to be identified with being epileptic. Some seizures are non-epileptic like the ones arising in diabetics, cricked blood vessels & an array of several health problems.

The erratic nature of seizures could compel individuals in staying home-bound, fearing seizures unfolding in public places. Would you discern what must be done in case you noticed that some person is experiencing a seizure?

The objective of Epilepsy Australia (the nationwide alliance of Australian Epilepsy Assn. for advancing the cause for all epileptics in Australia) is for all Australian households in being seizure-aware.

Purple Day is a popular endeavour devoted to raising awareness regarding epilepsy globally. Last year, more than a lakh students globally donned purple this day and scores of work areas & neighbourhood associations additionally partook in the campaign, donning purple to their jobs & hosted Purple Day events & endorsements.

During this 26th March, Sat, individuals across the world are requested to don purple & help in spreading the word regarding epilepsy.

Be Part of Purple Day is easier than thought

Start off by wearing purple on the set date & encouraging those around to also be doing the analogous.

  • Registering for Purple Day.
  • Holding Purple Day Awareness parties or fund-raiser events or have a Purple Hair Day during or prior to 26th Mar.
  • Becoming Purple Day Heroes, within minutes one could put together one’s personal on line fund-raiser pages & approaching your backers for tax-exempted donations by e-mailing an exclusive link to one’s personal Purple Day page. Recording of all donations would be done on one’s webpage alongside messages of support from one’s donor community.
  • Goods for Purple Day are presently obtainable. Registration Merchandise Forms include purple-coloured pen, ribbon for awareness & badge shaped as letter ‘e’ means epilepsy. When one purchases some item from an array of Purple Day Products, the money would be going toward the noble efforts of providing services to epileptic individuals.
  • Start encouraging locally placed communities, school & business for being part of this major endeavour by organizing a purple-themed dress day in-return for gold coinage donations.
  • Donating Facebook statuses through status amendment during Mar that reads – ‘This 26th March, I am donning purple for supporting Epilepsy awareness’. Spreading this around by simply copying the message onto one’s status.
  • Decking out your account in Facebook, Twitter via inclusion of Purple Day Twibbons (support ribbons) onto social-networking account. So, go ahead and start signing up – it does not cost anything. Check out the link ‘http://twibbon.com’ for further information.

For additional info, check out the link purpleday.org. By offering your support for Epilepsy Australia, you too could assist them in attaining their splendid objective.

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