Shake Weight Review – Is it Really Worthy?

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Shake weight vended by Fitness IQ is basically a dumbbell wherein weights on both ends are affixed to the grasp via a coil. It could be procured on the Net, in several retail shops & from TV ads.

Shake weight is obtainable in duo editions for both genders. The version for females costing around twenty dollars (prior to it being shipped & handled) has a weight of five pounds while that devised for males is ten pounds in weight costing close to thirty dollars (prior to it being shipped & handled). Shipping of the pack is done direct to your residence & entails a Shake weight, exercise DVD plus instruction listing.

Shake Weight – Manner of Working

As per the ads of Shake Weight, it appears to work via a technique known as dynamic inertia.

The weight would be bouncing off the tips of the grip by the coil hence one shakes it backwards & forwards. Users would perform such shuddering movement in varied positions for targeting key muscles of the torso like trunk, shoulder & arm areas. Users would be generating movements of the shake weight & it isn’t battery-run. Essentially, the shake weight would be moving solely when one shakes it.

Shake Weight Workout

A six minutes long exercise DVD comes complementary with Shake Weight which tends to focus solely on torso exercise forms.

At the time of the workout, the trainer in the recording would be guiding people through several exercise forms which entail the weight being shaken in varied positioning.

For instance, for targeting the shoulders, the trainer grasps handle with his hands (one placed over the other), arms placement to the fore of the body & then swiftly shaking the Shake Weight towards & far from the body.

A tricep-targeting exercise involves holding weight in duo hands at the back of the head whilst one swiftly shakes upwards & downwards.

A bicep-targeting exercise entails the weight being held in one of the hands at approximately the head height whilst one continually shakes it towards & far from the body. These shaking exercise forms last around twenty to thirty seconds per type.

Amid every shaking set, one would engage in active recovery wherein types of stretches or movements resembling conventional dumbbells training is done (like the stood-up trunk fly or bended-over tricep kickbacks) whilst one holds the Shake Weight.

There’s absence of any instruction regarding how frequently the exercises must be done.


Shake weight is reasonably priced and the exercise forms could be done without much hassle. It is also quite portable and the exercise agenda provides a swift workout. The firm proudly avers that there’s a total reimbursement assured for any customer who is not satisfied with the outcomes. The weight isn’t heavy hence nearly all people could carry out the exercise forms.


For full stimulation of any muscle, application of resistance via a complete range of movement is necessary. The Shake Weight is incapable of delivering this & wouldn’t lead to the analogous strong activity as conventional dumbbells workouts, in spite of whatever the firm asserts.

Moreover, adding further weight to the Shake Weight isn’t possible & it provides just some degree of exercises. Muscle improvement occurs when there is continual challenge with intensified resistance & targeting with an array of exercise forms. Hence, one shouldn’t expect stupendous outcomes when using Shake Weight.

The maker also maintains that the use of Shake Weight in females would be resulting in leaner muscles that means fats being lost, whereas for males it asserts that augmented muscle mass could be experienced. But, the workout recording lasting just six minutes isn’t sufficient exercising for truly burning a notable extent of fats and neither is there sufficient weight for increasing muscle mass.

Additionally the theory of ‘Dynamic Inertia’ though sounding rather extraordinary & intricate is actually none of them. In fact the duo words are terminologies deployed for describing motion which is the basis for all types of resistance training.

Actually, one would be getting more extent of motion when doing conventional weight training, wherein targeting muscles via a complete array of motions is possible. Also the shaking movement of this tool is not natural & might be causal to spasmodic sensations in the muscles which can lead to injuries.

The firm even asserts that their product has been corroborated via proper-documented medical trials by reputed university. But the real trial isn’t printed in any peer review medical journals. No mention about the trial could be located in the website of the product, in ads or with its packaging.

The Gist

It is recommended that one rather not spend on procuring Shake Weight. The analogous workout type could be done using the usual five pound dumbbells & shake it backwards & forwards – though certainly that wouldn’t be suggested as an effectual means of working muscle groups smartly either. The finest means of sculpting arms, toning the torso & decreasing body fats is performing proper-devised workout routines offering an array of aerobics & conventional resistance training exercise forms.

According to the ACSM recommendation, resistance exercises must be done for a minimum of two to three times a week for majority of the individuals keen on increasing or maintaining muscle fitness. It even advises at least thirty minutes of medium intensity physical activities on majority days in a week for improving general health.

Though it might be better than zero exercising, yet Shake Weight isn’t near enough to meet the printed & well-accepted medically-based exercise parameters.

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