How Should Pet Lovers Deal with Asthma?

Are you a pet lover, but have developed asthma? Then there’s a serious possibility that you’ll be separated from your beloved pet. Individuals diagnosed to be suffering from asthma are usually advised to stay away from pets as doing so might aggravate the signs of the disease. Although many of us believe that length of hair of the pets is the factor responsible for triggering asthma attacks; it is not true. The primary factors that might trigger asthma attacks include pet’s dander, saliva, urine and sweat. In this article, we’ll be discussing about the steps the pet lovers should take for dealing with their asthma attacks.

TPet lovers asthmahe first thing you must do is identifying the exclusion zones in your abode where the pets can stay. The best way of handling the situation would be stopping the pets from entering your bedroom and other parts of the house where you spend maximum hours. If the pets had the habit of sleeping in any of these rooms, you must wash all the bed sheets and spread a newly purchased carpet to make sure that no residue of your pet’s dander, sweat, urine or saliva is left there. Try to keep the pets in your lawn or garden; pets will lover staying in these areas of the house if you buy them a separate shelter. If one of your family members or anyone coming to visit you from outside touches the pets, request him or her to wash the hands well before entering your room.

To make sure that you are not affected by your pet dander or saliva once the bed sheets are cleaned and the carpets are changes, use furniture that are not friendly to the allergens. The best idea would be using wooden floor and wooden furniture.

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