Types of attention deficit hyperactivity disorders

The latest research and books all have agreed to the fact that there are types of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD). Until now, we used to classify this disorder into three types: Inattentive, Impulsive or Hyperactive, or Combined. However, today the diagnosis of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorders has become broader that now considers five different types of ADHD as listed below.

  • Inattentive: Similar to Winnie the Pooh – distractible and disorganized
  • Classic Hyperactive: Tigger type – inattentive, bouncy, restless, hyperactive, and impulsive
  • Over-Focused: Rabbit type – Inflexible, trouble moving attention, and debating
  • With Anxiety: Piglet type – Worrying too much, nervousness, and difficult to shift attention
  • With Depression: Eeyore type – severe depression and inattentive

The above listed attention deficit hyperactivity disorders are as per the experiences and clinical observation; which tend to revolve around the Winnie the Pooh, the famous character of the children stories as well as his friends featuring in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Inattentive type

To understand this type, just recall Winnie the Pooh who is quite kind and loyal, but at the same time is also inattentive, lethargic, and inert. Further, he is a typical daydreamer. So, the victims of this ADHD type:

  • Are distracted very easily
  • Possess short attention spell, especially to a hard or non interesting task
  • Get bore easily
  • Are late always
  • Look for things that is just left by them
  • Daydreaming while someone is talking

In normal people, the prefrontal cortex of the brain aids in speeding up the tasks. However, with this type, the prefrontal cortex slows down while doing a task. When at rest, this brain part seems to be perfectly alright, but when asked to do something, it starts to fall asleep. As a result, it becomes very hard to focus on school work, teacher’s speech, and homework.

This type is more among girls as compared to the boys and is well treated with stimulants like ritalin and adderall.

Classic hyperactive type

Represented best by the bouncing Tigger, this form is featured by:

  • Impulsivity
  • Inattention
  • Hyperactivity
  • Disorganization
  • Restlessness

Among all the types of attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, this one is called the classic type because of the above listed typical features. A victim of this type:

  • Is distracted easily
  • Is hyperactive
  • Shows much energy
  • Fidgets
  • Cannot sit still for a long time
  • Speaks too much and that too loud
  • Is impulsive
  • Never thinks before acting
  • Cannot wait in line or for the turn in games

This type of ADHD is because of the prefrontal cortex’s under-activity. This is present while at rest and also while performing a task. And yes, males are often the target of this type and react well to stimulants.

Over-Focused type

A victim of this type is much the like the character of the Rabbit of Winnie stories. She or he:

  • Tends to worry too much, even for those things that are insignificant.
  • Likes to argue.
  • Tends to oppose parents.
  • Might be a bit compelling for the ways in which the things are done.
  • Always takes her or his way.
  • Finds it difficult to shift from one task to other.

The reason behind this type is the Anterior Cingulate Gyrus that is always over active. As compared to the above two, this type can turn out to be worse if treated with a few stimulants and using too much of L-Tyrosine for raising the levels of dopamine.

With anxiety type

Just like the piglet character in the Hundred Acre Wood, a victim of this type always worries, startles easily, and is nervous. In some cases, this nervousness is so much that she or he can stumble. In fact, this is close to the Rabbit style, but it is said to be of the “Piglet style” because the mid-brain is over-aroused making one hyper vigilant.

So, you can expect that victim to talk continuously all the time, touch all things in the room, be nervous, be worried, and be anxious. Further, the victim can feel difficult to shift her or his attention from one task to another. And yes, she or he gets stuck in the negative thoughts’ rounds.

With depression type

As Eeyore is sad and slow, so is the condition of the victims suffering from this type. Besides depression, the person can be inflexible and too much obsessive. As per the statistics, 25% victims of ADHD are also suffering from depression.

Eeyore walks like a tortoise, does not achieve much, seems sad, and is pleased to be noticed. Just like this stuffed donkey is the condition of the patient of this type of ADHD. People with depression and ADHD often:

  • Are inattentive
  • Appear to be negative
  • Possess low energy levels
  • Suffer from chronic sadness that cannot be replaced by cheerfulness
  • Never seem to care
  • Feel hopeless, helpless, and worthless

As per the SPECT scans, in people with this type, there is a hiked activity taking place in the limbic system when the brain rests. This is seen in the thalamus as well as in the hypothalamus areas of the brain. Side by side, decreased activity is seen in the base of the pre-frontal cortex. That is why this type is also called as the Limbic System ADHD.

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