High Protein Diet and Weight Loss – Part II

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Less fat dairy products could be a vital boosting food addition to your high protein diet.

High protein dietLow or non-fat Dairy Products

Those looking for a delicious perk to your high protein diet, then don’t miss out on milk products like cheeses, milk, yoghurt that would offer requisite calcium for improving and maintaining bone and cardiovascular health. One should preferably be aiming for two to four serves of less or no fat dairy products on an everyday basis.

Protein-rich Energy and cereal bars

People falling short of time could opt for protein-rich energy bar for getting their instant protein pep up although ensuring that beyond six grams protein is not crossed and avoiding excessive sugars or fats presence.

High protein diet to lose weightWhole Grains for Fiber Boost

Majority of the high protein diet forms restrict whole grains to merely a few serves per day. Also one must avoid white bread or pasta which provides hardly any beneficial nutrients in comparison to whole grain bread, cereal and pasta. The high fiber presence in whole grains is ideal for individuals on a high protein diet who often tend to face fiber shortage.

Fruits and veggiesFruits and veggies are the basis of any healthful diet

Veggies and fruits must also be a vital part of your daily intake although significant stress is laid on protein. The potent antioxidant presence in fruits and veggies make them the ideal nutritive diamond mines often absent in majority of the other food items. Study finding indicate strong link between plentiful consumption of veggies and fruits and lesser cancer risk.

High Protein diet and weight loss

High protein diet might be helpful in short-standing weight loss since it elicits feeling full for more time. This on its own helps to curbing snacking and facilitates swift weight reduction. Though weight could pile up when one stops following the high protein diet.

Downsides of a high protein diet

There have been rising doubts by the scientific fraternity regarding high protein diets. Such diets mostly augment protein consumption that compromises on the essential intake of veggies and fruits that are vital cancer-combating nutrients. Other likely affects to health comprise of cardiovascular risk, kidney ailment, bone thinning and elevated cholesterol levels.

High Protein Diet and heart disease

Since high protein diets are less in fiber and high in saturated fat hence this combo could raise cholesterol levels and chances of developing cardiovascular ailment and stroke. According to the American Heart Association recommendation, high protein diet is not advisable for weight reduction.

Links between calcium loss and high protein diet

Those individuals following a high protein diet have a tendency of excreting larger amounts of calcium via their urine as compared to those people not following such a diet. When there is long standing adherence to a high protein diet then calcium loss could increase chances of osteoporosis arising.

High Protein diet and Kidney Functioning

Those individuals with kidney condition must seek medical consultation prior to commencing a high protein diet. Study indicates that there is swifter loss in kidney functioning among those with kidney functioning impairment in case they consumed greater levels of protein particularly in case of animal protein.

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