Splendid Alternative Ways of Purging Cancer

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Chemotherapy is not the sole means of trying to eliminate cancer as a range of unconventional ways could be adopted for treating cancer.

  1. All individuals have cancerous cells present in their system that fail to appear during regular tests till their numbers has proliferated to some billions. When physicians inform cancer patients about no further cancer cells being detected in their system following treatment, it merely translates to the fact that the tests have been incapable of detecting the cancerous cells as they have still not attained the noticeable size.
  2. Cancerous cells crop up in a person’s body nearly six to over ten instances during his/her lifespan. A strong immune system would obliterate and avert multiplication of cancerous cells and developing into tumors.
  3. Cancer presence in a person’s body is indicative of several nutrient deficits because of factors that are either heritable, environment-related, diet or way of life. These deficits could be surmounted by bringing about an amendment in dietetic intake and including supplements for bolstering the immune system.
  4. radiation therapy for cancerChemotherapy comprises of exterminating the swiftly-spreading cancer cells, however even swiftly-developing normal cells present in the bone marrow, GIT (gastro-intestinal tract), etc, also get harmed. This form of treatment could also having damaging effects on the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs and other vital organs of the body.
  5. Radiation therapy though destroys cancer cells, additionally causes burning, scarring and harms normal cells, tissues and several organs.
  6. The preliminary treatment employing chemotherapy and radiation would cause a lot of reduction in size of the tumor. But, extended usages of these treatments are known not to lead to further tumor annihilation.
  7. Due to these treatments, presence of excess toxic load leads to compromise or destruction of the immune system thus making the individual more susceptible to varied forms of infections and associated tricky situations.
  8. Radiation and chemotherapy could lead to mutation of cancer cells and them showing resistance to these therapies. Surgical procedures could additionally lead to cancer cells spreading to other locations.
  9. An effectual means of battling cancer is starving the cancer cells by snipping off their source of nutrition that they require for multiplying.

Following are fodder for cancer cells and by restricting their intake, their numbers could be brought under control.

  • food to avoid cancerSugar-based any form of victual would feed such cancer cells. Hence, sugar when totally cut off, an essential food source is thus stopped. Even sweeteners or any form of sugar substitute such as NutraSweet, Equal has Aspartame that is detrimental. An ideal innate replacement like Manuka honey, molasses though merely in miniscule quantities is permissible.
  • Milk could trigger mucus production in the body, particularly in the GI tract which is silage for mucus. Hence, when milk intake is stopped or swapped with plain soy milk would lead to starvation of the cancer cells.
  • Acidic environment is the ideal setting for cancer cells and a dietetic intake of meats only facilitates it. Hence, it is ideal to switch to fish, and small portion sizes of chicken instead of going in for beef or pork items. Meats additionally have traces of antibiotic forms, growth hormone and parasitic forms that are detrimental particularly for those inflicted with cancer.
  • A dietetic intake comprising of eighty percent fresh veggies and juice extracts, whole grain, seeds, nut and fruits are essential in maintaining the alkalinity in the body. Nearly twenty percent of them could be obtained from foods that have undergone cooking. Freshly extracted veggie juice (adding sprouted beans) or raw veggies twice or thrice daily offer existent enzymes which are readily taken in by the body, hence directly reaching the cells in a short span of fifteen minutes and thus enhancing development of normal cells. These live enzymes get killed when exposed to forty degrees centigrade temperatures.
  • Steering clear from caffeine-based items and instead opting for green tea that has cancer-combatant features. Ideally filtration or purification of drinking water is imperative for avoiding any pollutants and heavy metals present in tap water from gaining entry into the system. Water that passes through distillation is also acidic hence best to be avoided.
  • Proteins present in meats are not easy for the body to assimilate and continue to remain in the intestines which then putrefy leading to further toxic accruement.
  • The fortification of cancer cells are made up of strong protein casing. Hence, when one refrains from or consumes lesser amounts of meat, it facilitates further freeing of enzymes for attacking the protein boundary walls of such cancerous cells and hence allowing the body’s eradicator cells in destroying cancer cells.
  • A number of supplement forms help in building up immunity like IP6, Flor-essence, Essiac, vitamins, multi-minerals, EFA, antioxidants among several others. Vitamin E has been observed to lead to programmable cell fatality or apoptosis – the body’s innate means of disposal of injured and unnecessary cells.
  • When the body is exercised regularly, there is greater oxygenation that does not allow cancer cells to flourish. Even oxygen therapy is an ideal method to obliterate cancer cells.
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