Busy-Bee Guide to Easy and Beneficial Stretching Exercises

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All those slogging their derrieres off in desk-bound jobs and feeling soreness and weary, stretching exercises are the quick-fix break.

Spending protracted time holding a biro or typing away on a laptop, finger stretching exercises would considerably help in de-stressing those paws.

Finger Stretching

finger stretching exercises

  • Separating and stretching the fingers till the time one senses a stretch, keep the hand aligned with the wrist and holding for ten seconds.
  • Subsequently, bending the knuckle of the last and mid finger and keep the hand and wrist in analogous pose and then holding for ten seconds and then relaxing.
Back Stretching

back stretching exercises

This might appear alike one doing a quick scratch to the back; however in actuality the back side of the arm is getting stretched as a consequence.

  • Reaching hand at the back of the head and placing hand on one’s upper portion of back and keep arm near the ear.
  • In a gentle manner, holding the elbow using one’s opposing hand.
  • Pulling elbow towards the back side of head and reaching hand towards the mid portion of back till one feels a mild stretching. Holding this pose for fifteen seconds.
  • Relaxing and repeating on the other side as well.
Shoulder-arm Stretching

Shoulder arm stretching exercises

  • Pressing the hands and outstretching them away from one’s body.
  • Interlocking fingers of both hands together and turning inner portion of the hands to face outwards.
  • Straightening arms ahead of us and holding for fifteen seconds.
  • Relaxing and then repeating.
Torso stretching

Torso stretching exercises

  • This stretching exercises targets the torso, upper part of the back and backside of the neck.
  • Interlocking fingers of both hands together to be placed at the backside of the head, bring the elbows backwards as much as doable.
  • Doing deep inhalations and leaning backwards till one senses a muscle stretch. Holding for twenty seconds, exhaling, relaxing and then repeating.
Side-to-Side Neck Stretching

Side to Side Neck Stretching exercises

  • For stretching side-placed neck muscles, one has to be facing forwards and looking in straight line ahead.
  • Tilting head to one side and mildly push ear towards the shoulder and holding for fifteen seconds.
  • Lifting head to bring it to usual, erect pose.
  • Relaxing and repeating thrice on either side.
Head rotate Stretching

Head rotate stretching exercises

  • For stretching neck muscles placed on side, top and back, face forwards and gradually rotate head, looking to one side till shoulder and chin are parallel to one another and holding for 3 seconds.
  • Repeating the analogous sequence of actions on the other side as well.
  • Dropping chin in a gentle manner to the torso prior to reverting to erect beginning stance.
  • Repeating all actions for 5 times.
Chin tucking Stretching

Chin tucking Stretching exercises

  • This stretching exercise helps in loosening rigidity in shoulder and neck muscles.
  • Face straight ahead, keep back erect, pulling chin towards the torso till one senses a stretch alongside the back of one’s neck and then holding for fifteen seconds.
  • Relaxing, reverting to beginning stance and repeating.
Shoulder-shrugging Stretching

Shoulder shrugging stretching exercises

  • This exercise is intended on stretching muscle rigidity felt in shoulders, neck and upper portion of the back.
  • Gradually bringing the shoulders upwards till the ears and holding for 3 seconds.
  • Rolling shoulders backward and downward.
  • Relaxing and repeating 5-10 times.
Back stretching

Back stretching

  • This exercise targets the middle and lower portion of the back muscles.
  • Sitting forwards in a chair in a manner that there is hardly any gap in-between the back and the chair’s rear.
  • Facing forwards and crossing the left leg over the right.
  • Placing right hand on left knee, and softly pulling towards the right side while gradually rotating the head and shoulders to the left. Continue to turn till one sees the wall at the back of one’s left shoulder. Not forcing the rotation and doing till one senses a good stretch in the back. Holding for 8-10 seconds.
  • Relaxing, repeating on other side as well.

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