Microwave Sickness – ‘No-Nukes’ Policy Is The Best

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Although it is widely known that ‘you-are-what-you-eat’ but equally important is what one buys or also how it is cooked. Consuming food in raw form as much as possible is best. However, majority of people are incapable of accomplishing this and end up cooking some extent of foods.

Prudent ‘food preparation’ begins with good-quality foods and the manner in which they are prepared which translates to bidding adieu to your microwave oven. These gadgets that are created for simplifying existences are in fact detrimental to our bodies in more ways than one.

Here are the myriad ways microwaves are hampering our health.

  • Microwave SicknessThe rapid heating is causal to structural changes in the chemical composition of foods and saps their nutritive worth. Cancer-causative free radicals were observed to form in root veggies and in many cases the plant alkaloids transformed into carcinogenic substances. Milk, meats, grains, frozen fruits when thawed or prepared in microwaves have been found to transform into carcinogens. Russian studies have observed carcinogens forming from almost all food types that are microwaved.
  • Also the uneven heating or ‘hot spots’ in foods after microwaving could easily lead to burns or a steam-explosion. Cases abound of infants being scalded due to feeding bottles getting overheated during microwaving which went unnoticed.
  • Leaching out of carcinogenic toxic substances from the paper/ plastic container or cover into one’s foods could occur. BPA (bisphenol A) – an estrogen-similar compound employed widely in plastic items and also in vessels created especially for microwave usage have it and is deemed to be the most harmful and nastiest of all toxins.
  • Novel research corroborates instantaneous and drastic variations in cardiac rate as well cardiac rate unevenness arising due to a permitted gadget generating microwaves at amounts well under the federal parameters by the U.S. and Canada i.e., 0.3%.
  • The very analogous radiation frequency could cause a rise of blood sugar in predisposed people and might in fact be causal to Type 1 diabetes.
  • There is a greater risk of microwaves seeping out from the microwave when operated principally noted in older models rather than the newer ones that pass through thorough checking.
  • Even eyes could be affected as they are especially vulnerable to microwave radiation and elevated exposure on a continual basis has been found to lead to cataract formation.
Microwave Sickness

Following direct exposure of the body’s tissues to microwaves, the analogous vicious aberration takes place and could lead to ‘microwave sickness’.

Individuals after exposure to elevated amounts of microwave radiation are noted to have an array of symptoms that include:

  • Sleeplessness, night sweats & varied sleep problems.
  • Headache episodes and giddiness.
  • Lymph node swelling and a compromised immune system.
  • Impeded cognition.
  • Feeling depressed and irate.
  • Feeling nauseous and lost craving for foods.
  • Optical or eye conditions.
  • Recurrent urination and persistently thirsty.

A small-scaled trial by Swiss food researcher from the Univ. Inst. for Biochemistry & Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology concluded that foods when microwaved lead to altered nutrient presence in foods and those alterations occurring in the blood which can lead to detrimental health effects like:

  • Augmented levels of cholesterol.
  • Lowered WBC count that could indicate poisoning.
  • Depleted RBC count.
  • Lesser hemoglobin count that may make a person anemic.
  • Manufacture of radiolytic compounds.
How to wean yourself of the habit of Microwaving everything in hand

Minor yet life-saving amendments in lifestyle could help to break free of the microwave habit.

  • Planning in advance. Taking food from the freezer section earlier on during dawn or the previous night so that one is not scrambling to de-ice it prior to meal times.
  • Making soup/stew in large quantities and then freezing them in gallon size deep-freezer container or bag. These could then be de-frosted an hour earlier in the wash basin till their thawing is done and then slipping it into pans for reheating just before meal time.
  • An ideal faux-pas is hailing in the old with toasters being a welcome alternative. Setting it to less temperature (two to three hundred degree Fahrenheit) and warming food platters in a gentle manner over a span of twenty to thirty minutes.
  • Preparing meals ahead of time so that a nice meal awaits you during days while one is too pressed for time or quite exhausted to prepare a meal.
  • Start consuming increasing amounts of foods in organic raw form which is the superlative means of improving health.
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