Food Allergies or Intolerances – How to Differentiate Between Them?

Over twelve million people in the U.S. suffer from food allergies & another several million having food intolerance.

Rates of food allergies have increased two-folds in the United States in the past decade. Another bumming piece of news is that food allergies are heritable. In case one of the parents has an allergy then there’s a twenty-five percent likelihood of the child getting any type of food allergy, not merely the type that his/ her parent has. When mother & father have allergies, then fifty percent kids in the least would be developing them.

True food allergies are our body’s erroneous notions that particular foods are attackers or invaders. Disparate to food allergy, food intolerance isn’t life-menacing & symptoms often nebulous are mostly surfacing quite belatedly from the time of food intake. Though the immune system involvement is there at times however the IgE protein isn’t. Any type of foods could be causal to intolerances & could arise in any age. In case of food intolerance, one might be capable of eating miniscule quantities of the offender foods, sans reactions occurring.

So, how does one correctly differentiate between the duos & know what one has so that pertinent treatment could be started at the earliest.

How They Differ?Food IntolerancesFood Allergies
Signs & SymptomsAbdominal pains, headaches, bloated feeling, puking & diarrheaRepeatedly causing rashes or hive formation developing soon. Other signs include swollen up tongue, lip & facial areas. Breathing signs comprise of nasal dribbling, scratchiness or constricted feeling in throat, cough, breathlessness &/ or asthma. GI issues like puking, stomach cramping & diarrhea. At times, individuals could sense dizziness & feel looming doom. In severe situations, a reaction could be causal to mortality.
Time when symptoms ariseStart one hour to twenty-four hours later.Start within some minutes or hours following intake.
Quantity of foods consumedMight be capable of tolerating miniscule quantities; at times asymptomatic.Any quantity could trigger symptoms which arise time and again.
TherapyRestricting quantity intake. Visiting qualified nutritionists or gastroenterologistsDeterrence. Drugs for inadvertent exposures. Visit allergists or qualified nutritionists.

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