Blackheads And Beauty Cures

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Blackheads are the cause of many sleepless nights for the beauty conscious. The most common place where blackheads form is our nose and forehead. Blackheads can be treated by the following remedies which can be made at home and thus are safe, free of side effects and not very expensive.

  1. Extract the juice of a lemon. Add a spoonful of groundnut oil to it and apply this on the face.
  2. Take a spoonful of fenugreek leaves (methi) and grind it to form a paste. Apply this paste on the blackhead prone areas. Leave it on for around half an hour and let it dry. Now rinse it off with water.
  3. A paste made out of fresh radish is also helpful to get rid of blackheads.
  4. Green tea contains anti oxidants. If you scrub your face regularly with green tea, not only will the blackheads reduce but your skin will also start to glow.
  5. Soak 4 almonds in water and grind it to form a paste. All rosewater to it and apply. This is also a good medium to cure blackheads.
  6. Make a paste with almond powder and rosewater and apply it on the blackheads. This is the most effective home remedy for blackheads.
  7. Scrubbing your face with curd and lime will also reduce the problem.
  8. Apply lemon juice on the area affected by black heads. This will help to cure them.
  9. Take a regular steam as this will open your pores and will reduce the Blackheads.

Homemade remedies for remove blackheads homemade remedies for remove blackheads homemade remedies for remove blackheads

By following these simple cures you will soon get rid of the malice of blackheads and have a smooth and healthy skin which glows in all seasons.

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