Prudent Tips for Preventing Lower Back Pain

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Back Pain afflicts eight among ten individuals. Innately, some form of accident and sport-related injury could be one of the reasons for back pain; however there are several other aspects that could play a key role in causing back pain such as:

  • Pitiable posture.
  • Being obese or overweight.
  • Improper bodily conditioning favoured by being largely inactive.
  • Being psychologically or emotionally stressed.
  • Any internal ailments like infection, blood clot formation or kidney stone presence.
  • Bone deterioration or loss – Osteoporosis.

back pain preventionOften several individuals are unable to comprehend that on several instances the pain in fact initiates from the opposite side of the pain-causing site.

For instance, being seated for protracted time spans could lead to the iliopsoas muscles which attach the lumbar area to the top part of the femur condensing leading to acute pain when one stands up.

However, several measures when adopted would vastly assist in avoiding it. One of the most ideal approaches one could take for preventing back pain is to exercising on a regular basis that would assist in maintaining strong and lithe back and abs muscles.

Following are a number of handy tips which could be immensely beneficial in preventing back pain and other associated problems:

  • One must bear in mind that stretching must hold an integral introductory part of any form of physical exercise or activity. A prudent approach would be engaging in a stretching program done on a day-to-day basis such as active isolated stretches.
  • Never slouching while one stands or is seated as incorrect posture could be a significant contributory factor to back pain.
  • Always sitting on chair or vehicle seat that has proper lumbar support.
  • One must remember to always keep switching the position in which one is seated and intermittently taking walks around or in a gentle manner stretching muscles for allaying tension.
  • Always remembering to provide support to the back while bending over to avoid any form of undue strain.
  • Wearing footwear that provide comfort, preferably those with less or low heels.
  • Sleeping on one’s side is the best position while lying down since it reduces any curvature on the spine. Also the sleeping surface must ideally be firm.
  • Raising one’s legs and keep the back in a straight line.
  • Always maintaining ideal weight in proportion to one’s height.
  • In case a person indulges in smoking, then the best approach would be to cease the habit. It has been proven that smoking lowers blood supply to the lower portion of the spine and is contributory to degenerating spinal disc.
  • Additionally for maintaining a strong and healthy spine and bones, regular adequate intake of vitamin D is imperative.
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