Swine Flu or Common Cold – How to Tell the Difference

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Comprehending if it swine flu, cold or flu is vital since flu could cause grave complications like pneumonia or also mortality. Hence flu treatment within two days of the person becoming symptomatic is deemed the finest approach. Also when on takes anti-viral medications prescribed by physicians it could reduce the time that one is ill.

Flu – Swiftly, Furiously arising symptoms

When one feels as though one has been run over by a heavy vehicle, it perhaps is the flu and symptoms have a tendency of arising abruptly. Typical signs & symptoms entail throat soreness, headaches, fever, pains felt in the muscles, feeling congested & coughing. Colds generally entail dribbling nose while flu signs & symptoms generally improve within 2-5 days. However, it isn’t unusual to be feeling miserable and run down. Colds generally have a more gradual onset & lasting for around a week’s time.

Have I contracted Swine Flu?

Swine flu & the usual influenza do have several symptom similarities like coughing, throat soreness, fever though not all those who contract flu experience fever, & body pains. However, a number of individuals who contract H1N1 even experience abdominal issues like puking & loose bowels.

Fever generally is indicative of Flu

Even though a number of individuals might experience mild fever alongside cold but majority of them don’t. In case one has flu, one might possibly be running a fever of a hundred or two or more degrees. Kids’ flu fever has a tendency of being soaring & kids might have a greater likelihood of developing fever alongside cold.

Flu – Weariness Lasting till Weeks on End

Those who contract flu could possibly experience a sense of all-encompassing extreme tiredness & pains. Exhaustion & feeling weak could be lasting till three weeks or more among older people, those with unceasing ailments or a compromised immune system. In case of a cold, one generally feels the pits for merely some days.

Flu & Cold – Could trigger headache

Headache is not a dependable sign of flu since colds could also be causal to headaches. However, cold-induced headaches alike other cold signs has a tendency of being more mild-ranging as compared to those arising due to flu.

Coughing – Indicator of Flu as well as Common Colds

Since flu as well as common colds are respiratory sicknesses that afflict air passages, both causing cough.

A flu complication, pneumonia is either a bacterial or viral infection (inflammation) of the lungs with symptoms like breathlessness, respiratory difficulties or chest pains due to coughs or coughs with yellowish-greenish or blood-inundated sputum – are red alert signs that necessitate prompt medical intervention.

Ear ache – Could Be Due to Flu or Common Colds

The Eustachian tubes connecting mid-ear to the throat develops irritation causing dulling or stinging pains that arise because of either flu or common colds which generally subside on their own. In case the pains last for more time as compared to the illness or one is feeling abrupt, deep pain then promptly visiting a physician for a check-up as one might have suffered ear infections which requires therapy.

Colds – Mostly begin with throat soreness

Majority of the colds commence with throat soreness & pains felt when one swallows for a single or duo days. A dribbling nose & congestions are additionally prevalent. Throat soreness could be a sign of flu – in case of flu; throat soreness is felt alongside weariness & other signs which mostly occur together.

Nasal Stuffiness might be indicative of a Cold

Until feverishness is additionally felt, extreme aches & simply feeling energy-drained, one probably just has a cold – though several individuals having the flu even cite nasal stuffiness & sneeze.

Flu & cold could be causal to sinusitis with characteristic symptoms like deep-set, persistent pains in the temple, nasal bridge, cheekbone areas and generally aggravating with abrupt head movements or when one strains. Seeking medical therapy on the earliest is highly recommended.

Nasal Swabs Analysis for identifying flu quickly

Nasal swab analysis is an express & effectual means of finding out whether one has colds or flu and could be performed at the physician’s clinic.

One could find out whether one has seasonal flu in just fifteen minutes through this test. In case one tests affirmative for seasonal flu & one has become symptomatic within the past two days then physicians might recommend anti-viral therapy for swifter recovery.

Could it be Swine Flu?

In case one has worries about whether one may be having swine flu then according to the CDC recommendation, it is imperative to contact one’s doctor who would ascertain if flu tests or therapy is necessary.

Flu – Commence Anti-viral Medications Immediately

Flu could be vicious, however in case one contracts it within two days then physicians would prescribe anti-viral medicines for reducing the severity of signs experienced & the extent of time one feels ill by almost twenty-four hours.

OTC drugs could even be of assistance in tackling flu signs like coughing & feeling congested. Scanning through labelling in packages & instruction sets meticulously is imperative so that one understands what one is using & the right way to use it.

Colds – Over-the-Counter Medicines could allay Symptoms

OTC medications like decongestant drugs, cough suppressing & anti-histamine medicines could assist with reducing coughs, congestions & nose symptoms. For pains in the throat or headaches medicines like ibuprofen, naproxen & acetaminophen would be of assistance.

It is important that active constituents & caveats mentioned on labelling of products be read since several combo cough-cold medications have the analogous constituents that might cause accidental over-dosage until one be vigilant about it.

Flu-Cold Preventative Strategy

Hands when washed well would assist in preventing flu being transmitted among individuals. Using soaps & tepid water hands should be rubbed scrupulously for twenty seconds and remembering to cover the webs of the fingers & about the nail areas, rinsing and then drying properly. Alcohol based hand sanitizer products could even be helpful.

Washing frequently in the wintry months particularly once one has coughed, sneezed or blown one’s nose is advisable. In case tissues are not handy then sneezing or coughing into the crook of the arm rather than the hands.

Vaccination as a Pre-emptive Measure against Flu

Getting a flu vaccine is important. These are prepared from risk-free forms of the flu virus to assist our bodies in spotting & combating it in case following actual exposure. In spite of the rumours they do not cause flu. They are particularly essential for kids over six months, expectant moms, senior citizens & those having unceasing ailment or compromised immune system.

Kids in good health who are two years & more & those who haven’t conceived, in good health & below fifty years of age could try the nasal mist vaccination. There are duo vaccines for the current flu season for H1N1 as well as influenza. Hence, asking the physician for better understanding your options.

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