HIV Testing – Exploring Viable Choices

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In case the need to undergo human immunodeficiency virus or HIV testing arises, one could presently select from numerous alternatives. The type of test one selects is based on specific personal requirements and conditions.

HIV testing could be carried out with total anonymity or confidentiality. In case a test is conducted incognito, the individual undergoing the test is not recognized by his/her name, however by using a distinctive identifier which could not be backtracked to that individual. Outcomes of these anonymously conducted tests and the reality that they were ever performed are not part of the person’s medical records.

On the contrary, treatment of a test conducted confidentially is analogous to any other medical tests or procedures – The outcomes being part of that person’s medical records; however privacy decrees would mean the outcomes being withheld from others. An individual intent on undergoing HIV testing would possibly be persuaded to undergo a test confidentially so that doctors would be able to converse about the test outcomes with the patient and referring him/her to other doctors or hospitals in case needed.

Latest Technology offering Extensive HIV Testing Alternatives

There are varying kinds of HIV tests and all look for proof of the system responding to HIV in the bloodstream or fluids in the mouth. These differ in their sensitiveness and the manner of administration. HIV testing choices comprise of:

Standard HIV test
HIV testBlood is withdrawn from the vein and examined for HIV protein and antibody presence in the body which it would produce after being exposed to the viral form. HIV antibodies would start developing within 2-8 weeks following foremost contact. Hence, the outcomes of a standard HIV test performed earlier on following initial contact with the viral form might lead to a false negative outcome. This means that the test might be incapable of detecting any causal HIV infection. In case there are some concerns, then the doctor would suggest that another HIV test be taken in 6 months for corroborating the negative outcome.

Rapid HIV test
Such tests scrutinize presence of HIV antibodies in the bloodstream with outcomes being obtainable within an hour’s time. The rapid HIV test is particularly beneficial when a revisit for reviewing outcomes is improbable, like in the case of an ER setting.

At-home blood sample collection tests
Individuals residing in the countryside or those who want to stay totally unidentified might opt for at-home testing kits that could be bought from chemists or via mail. After finger pricking for acquiring a blood sample it has to be mailed to a specific address and outcomes of a laboratory evaluation alongside consultation would be offered telephonically within 3 days to a week’s time.

Oral HIV test
Oral hiv testThese oral tests do not necessitate blood withdrawal hence are widely used outside the physician’s clinics. A specially designed swab is employed for cell collection from the areas like the gum or inner cheeks that are then examined for HIV antibody presence. Outcome of the rapid oral HIV test is obtainable within twenty minutes while that from regular oral testing is generally obtainable within seven days.

There is a somewhat greater likelihood of false-positive outcomes or outcomes indicating false presence of HIV infection in case of oral HIV testing. Due to this, any affirmative HIV outcomes from an oral test should be corroborated by undergoing a blood analysis.

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