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Mental health problems are those that trouble the mind and disturb the soul. Mental ill health feels as bad and as worse as it could be and is a kind of illness. Mental health problems are common and they are seen to affect almost every individual in some way or the other.

Mental ill health is a stigma and a discriminatory feeling for many in the society. There are a lot of myths and stories about mental ill health. But the fact is that mental ill health is a state of the mind and should be handled with a lot of care and caution.

It is really possible to overcome a mental health problem and live a productive and constructive life. It is also important to understand that being mentally sick is not a sign of weakness. It is alright to have a mentally weak mind but it is how you handle it that matters.

There are many kinds of mental illness so let us get to know what they are.

Depression is a condition that complete brings your mood down and makes you feel worthless, useless, fatigued and less motivated. Depression affects appetite, sleep, self esteem, and libido. It is seen to interfere with all the daily activities and at times your physical condition. This is a vicious cycle and makes you feel worse and also depressed. Depression is seen at many levels and they could be severe and mild and these are related to some experiences of the past. Sometimes depression is normally linked to anxiety.

Anxiety is something that causes worry, and causes a lot of restlessness, and other problems like sleeplessness, stomach upset, muscle tension and generally making you feel shaky. If you are really anxious then you could develop a lot of problems like phobias and panic attacks and also disorders like the obsessive compulsive disorder.

Obsessive compulsive disorder is another kind of disorder that has two parts – compulsions and obsessions. Obsessions are thoughts, ideas, and sudden urges that normally appear in your mind. People with obsessive compulsive disorder normally feel that everything and anything could be contaminated by germs and dirt and worrying about cleanliness and hygiene. Compulsions are activities that you feel you really have to do. So people with this kind of disorder normally repeatedly check things that they have done and keep making sure that they have not missed something.

Phobia is something that is an unrealistic and exaggerated sense of some kind of danger about any object or situation. So phobias often start to take over your life and they start with symptoms like anxiety and panic attacks.

The other kind of mental sickness is bipolar disorder which was earlier called manic depression. There are lot of mood swings and during the manic episodes the person is likely to show a lot of overexcited behavior. At other times the person would want to be left alone and this is the reason it is called bipolar disorder. This depends entirely on how the mood changes and how serious the mood swings are.

Mental ailments like schizophrenia and personality disorders are also detrimental to the mental happiness of the person. Mental health problems are a condition that has to be dealt with, with a lot of care, caution and medication.

Learn how best to handle mental health and how you could make things better at such times.

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