Beware of Air Pollutants around you..They can cause cancer!

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In our fast-moving lives we tend to ignore or avoid our surroundings. We give least importance to our society and ignore our responsibility towards the betterment of our society. Especially in urban areas where life is focused on just developing the city and its infrastructure, the means of manufacturing release many harmful gases, which we breathe in every day. This may not be news for all of us, as we all are aware of the pollution in today’s time. But what may shock you is that, these harmful gases can lead to dangerous disease like cancer. These pollutants are broadly classified in the form of following:

Air: Harmful pollutant known as photochemical smog is majorly responsible for causing cancer. Photochemical smog is a combination of nitrogen, sunlight and VOCs. This city pollutant has resulted in severe health problems for the human beings. The rate of cancer patients in cities is increasing day by day because of the gases released from the nearby factories and manufacturing industries.

Air pollutants cause cancer

As per the analysis done 36 out of 1 million people in America are victims of cancer because of the pollutants emitted in the air. The study further shows that in Los Angeles County, 63 out of 1 million people are cancer patients. These numbers are increasing rapidly.

Water: Not only Air but also water pollutants can play a vital role in causing cancer. Chromium 6, also known as hexavalent chromium, is considered as a common cancer-causing water pollutant. Industries that release chromium are: wood preserving, leather and mainly chrome plating industries. This air pollutant causes stomach and lung cancer in human beings. However, other cancer-causing water pollutants also include: bromate, tetrachlorothylene, vinyl chloride and dichloroethylene.

Water pollutants causing cancer

Food: This will definitely open your eyes wide because we always thought only air and water can cause pollution, but food also to a large extent cause hazardous health problems. Gases released from over-cooking of meat and over-consumption of beef can cause cancer too. Beef lovers beware! Consuming beef 5 times week can lead to stomach cancer.

Therefore, from above shared facts one should keep in mind that we can work on creating better and healthy living by controlling few things that are in our hands.

Remember: Prevention is better than cure!

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