Brains: Betray Your Lies

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Lying is a very difficult, hard, tough task and lot more complex than telling the truth.

At the outset you have to accept the truth and then use all means to deny the truth and make sure it is consistent with all the given answers that you are about to give.

It has been scientifically proved aBrainnd researched the fact that your brain is working harder can be seen in the called- electroencephalograph (EEG) which measures the electric signals and the activity in your brain. In our brain there is a part called anterior cingulate cortex which spots errors or conflicts as they are termed, and in case of deception, it spots the conflict between the truth and what you have just said.

What can be measured using EEG, known as P300, is the amount of attention you are giving to any one given task. When someone is lying as they are multitasking as the attention given to any one task drops and so does the strength of the P300 signal, which can be used as a lie detector.

It is this complexity that makes working out what’s going on in your head a tough and a difficult task. Researchers are still trying to find what happens when you try to deceive and to make thing more difficult, it not the same in everyone.

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