Research to Combat Deafness

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Every sense of our body is very essential. If anything happens to anyone then we become handicap and cannot work normally. One such sense is the sense of hearing. If we are unable to hear then we become deaf.

Research to Combat DeafnessDeafness, the condition which puts in distressing, awkward, embarrassing positions during your daily routine, now can be cured by a stem cell therapy.

Deafness caused due to damage to the inner ear nerve, may now be cured by stem cell therapy.

Researchers from the University of Sheffield have claimed that the hearing was partially improved with the help of stem cells.

The nerve cells were replaced by the researchers that are used for hearing by the stem cells called as spiral ganglion neurons from human embryo, and which are capable of becoming any kind of cell in the human body from nerve to skin and muscle to kidney.

These cells were injected in to the inner ears of 18 deaf gerbils and it was found that the capacity of the 10 deaf gerbils improved and the hearing improved.

This will create a revolution in the field of research for improving the hearing ability as well as finding out a cure to deafness.

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