Depressing Facts About Depression

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Depression is bound to be a part of your life in these stressful times we live, and the statistics reveal a very grim picture.

At least one in ten workers has taken time off due to depression which has resulted from tough work schedules, unrealistic targets.

The survey was conducted by the European Depression Association in countries like Britain, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Turkey, Spain and France.

Over all, 20 percent of the 7000 people polled had received a diagnosis at some point of life.Depression symptoms

The report said that one in four workers with depression did not tell their employer that they were in a state of depression.

The report further stated that the depressed people are generally not very  preoccupied with the worry and fear about what might happen to them in future as they think they already know what will happen, and they have the tendency to believe that it will be bad for their future much similar to their present.

The symptoms include feeling sad, tense, hopeless, disappointed, de motivated, frustrated, bitterness, anger, a lack of interest in their career and they do not enjoy the activities which used to be fun for them.

They also suffer physical aches and have a difficulty in concentrating and remaining consistent for a duration which lasts more than three months in a year.

Clearly this is a depressing situation in these times.

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