Robotic Surgery: Technology and Medicine

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Everyday medical science and technology are trying diverse methods to merge their work domains to make life more easier.

Surgeries were a very difficult and dreaded task in the yesteryears.

But day by day, the accuracy rate is improving thanks to the new tools and innovative methods which help the doctors to conduct the surgery with precision.

Also research is going on in order to reduce the extent of pain and discomfort which a patient experiences.

Robotic surgeryThere are numerous studies to ensure that the patient can go back and lead a normal life soon after the operation.

One such revolution is the Robot – Assisted or Computer Assisted surgery. This surgery was developed to overcome the limitations of the surgery, and to enhance the capabilities of the surgeons.

In robotic surgeries, the surgeons control their instruments either with direct tele manipulator or by a computer.

The latest robot is termed as the Da Vinci Robot.

The Da Vinci Surgical System comprises of three components- a surgeons console, a patient- side robotic cart with four arms, and a high definition 3D vision system. The robot senses the surgeons hand movements and translates them electronically in to micro-movements to manipulate other instruments. The camera used in the system provides a true stereoscopic picture, which gets transmitted to the surgeon’s console.

Advantages of the robotic surgery- for the patient:
  1. Reduced trauma to the body.
  2. Less risk of infection.
  3. Faster recovery.
  4. Less scarring.
Advantages of the robotic surgery- for the surgeon:
  • Enhanced 3 D visualization.
  • Improved dexterity.
  • Greater surgical precision
  • Improved access and increased range of movement.

Robotic surgery – has some complications like flawed design, malfunction of hardware and software components.

The good news is that robotic surgery in India comes at a very reasonable cost, and almost 60 to 80% lesser than in the US.

India now has state of the art medical facilities and trained professional doctors who are competent to the core.

With the number of medical facilities in India and the provision to reduce the costs, a host of international patients are coming to India for their surgery.

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