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Acne erupts mainly due to excess secretion of a greasy matter known as sebum in your hair follicle that merges with lifeless skin cells and leads to pore clogging. Follicular inflammation then results and whiteheads, blackheads or pimples develop. The reason for sebum being overproduced is still unclear, though hormones are believed to be the key factor.Here are several home remedies for acne; however, it is imperative that one firstly check with dermatologists prior to attempting alternative therapies.

Simple Home Remedies for Acne
  • Dicing lemons into equal parts and manually squeezing them or with juicers till one has obtained a few oz. of lemon juice in a tumbler. Measuring the quantity of this juice and then pouring it in a bowl having a cover. Now taking rose water of the analogous measurement and pour it in the analogous bowl having the lemon extract and then mixing them together. After washing off the face, applying the mix on the skin’s surface and letting it stay for around twenty minutes. Rinsing off and patting dry. Now your preferred moisturizing product could be applied on the face. The remnant mix in the bowl is to be capped and refrigerated for multiple uses.
  • Cutting a leaf from the aloe vera plant and then slitting it in the midst while allowing the yellowish latex in flowing off as it could irritate the skin. Now take off the thick-textured skin of the leaf & rinsing its gel underneath chilled water and applying it to the pimple areas though avoiding the eyes. The remnant gel is to be stored in an air-tight jar to be refrigerated where it could be kept for seven days. Aloe vera gel is believed to have antioxidants which shields from free radicals & curative agents which assist in promoting collagen manufacture for repairing damages to the skin, soothing and allaying inflamed feeling.
  • Other effectual & cost-effective home remedies for acne are the use of ice cube to allay swellings, lemon extracts for fading acne scarring, pore cleansing & milk for its AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) presence for burning away lifeless skin cells & promoting new-fangled skin.
  • The use of essential oils is a good pimple remedyand although the preliminary costs could be higher, yet it is bound to be immensely useful in the long run. One could make a tonic for fighting acne by taking into consideration the following ingredients:
    • Oil of hazelnuts (one ounce)
    • 6 droplets rosemary oil
    • 5 droplets tea tree oil
    • 4 droplets lemon oil
    • 5 droplets juniper oil

All these are to be placed in a two to three ounces glass container, closing it and then rolling it in-between the inner portions of your hands for mixing the oils together. Re-opening the container and then adding one ounce of apricot kernel oil, closing the container and yet again rolling it in-between palm areas.

Now the face is to be washed using a mild-ranging cleansing product, patting dry and then applying the lately prepared toner all over the face excluding the eyes. This pimple remedy tonic is to be refrigerated and lasts for around 6 months.

A good homemade cleanser could be prepared by the use of the following components:

  • One tablespoon of honey.
  • Ten droplets tea tree oil.
  • One tablespoon aloe vera extract
  • Five hundred milligrams vitamin C.

All these are to be placed in a mini container and combined together. The blend is then to be dotted over the blemished areas as required. Under refrigeration this mix could last for nearly 6 months.

A fabulous homemade serum for tackling acne and its blemishes or marks can be prepared by following the instructions mentioned herewith.

  • Bringing a cupful of water post-distillation into a pan and heating it till it bubbles.
  • Removing the pan away from the source of heat and then adding a tablespoon of thyme leaves, covering and steeping it for half an hour in the least.
  • Straining the mix & pouring the fluid portion in an eight to ten ounces glass container.
  • Adding ten droplets tea tree oil, closing the container & shaking it properly to mix the contents together.
  • Now applying a teaspoon of the mix using cotton pads on the facial area while avoiding the eye area.
  • The glass container could be kept covered & non-refrigerated for around a week’s time.
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