Cellulite Removal: How Ozone Therapy Works?

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Have you ever heard of ozone therapy? Ozone therapy is used widely as a remedy for conditions like back pain and chronic ailments like cancer. However, the use of ozone therapy is most common for skin and hair care purposes. In this article we’ll discuss how ozone therapy helps in fighting cellulites.

The molecule of Ozone includes 3 atoms of oxygen.  Gaseous oxygen on the other hand includes only 2 atoms of oxygen. Ozone is a gas found in less stable form compared to oxygen and hence this gas is more active chemically than oxygen.

During the procedure of eliminating cellulites through ozone therapy, a solution made from ozone and oxygen is used to carry out a liposuction known as lipoliquidation therapy. The same solution is also used for the treatment of neurological disorders, circulatory issues, hepatitis etc.

In case of treatment of cellulite, the ozone and oxygen based solution will transform lipids present in fatty tissues into a type of water soluble compound. This water soluble compound then gets eliminated easily through urine. After undergoing this treatment procedure, you will experience significant increase in the elasticity of your skin; the skin texture and the overall skin health will also improve drastically. The most common body parts treated with ozone therapy for the removal of cellulites include: the knees, face and calves. The process also involves use of Ozonized oils and creams.

Generally, ten to twenty sessions of Ozone therapy are required for flushing out the cellulite deposit from one’s body. The therapist recommends undergoing 2 sessions every week for experiencing the best results of the treatment. In most cases, the results start showing up from the 2nd week of treatment.

Ozone therapy for cellulite removal is not associated with any significant side effect. The results obtained through this therapy can be maintained for a long time if the patient follows a perfect diet plan and exercises regularly.

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