Essential Oils – The Potent Germ Thwarters

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Essential oils, especially the ones that are cinnamon and thyme derived could assist in thwarting bacterial forms, inclusive of the super bug MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus), the infamous bug capable of resisting therapy with several commonly used antibiotic forms and is accountable of scores of fatalities in hospital and clinics annually.

The recent MRSA-combating approach has come from investigators in Greece who analysed the anti-microbial actions of 8 plant essential oils and observed that thyme appeared to have the finest efficacy. Thyme essential oil was found to nearly eradicate the bacterial form it was confronted with, in merely an hour’s time.

Study researchers at the Technical Educational Inst. Of Ionian Islands came to a conclusion that essential oils are an economical and effectual therapy choice for arising bacterial strains which have developed resistance to antibiotics. The study researchers pointed out that when antibiotics are substituted for essential oils then the risk of further resistant bacterial strains surfacing could be purged. Investigators have advised upon incorporating essential oils or their potent constituents into anti-microbial cream or gel forms intended for topical skin application. They also made a note that such agents can be employed preserving packed food items rather than the artificial chemical substances used in present times.

Essential OilsThough additional studies for corroborating the study outcome are necessary, but in case these outcomes do come true then essential oils might well be a partial resolution to the MRSA problem. Several doctors have since long advised using the blend of tea tree, lavender essential oils along with water as a green and public friendly anti-bacterial sprayers for effectual usage in kitchens or washroom surface areas. Additionally, research findings have indicated that washes made from 1% basil essential oil effectually annihilates bacterial forms present in fruit and veggie forms, and is significantly a more friendly option for humans and the environment as compared to bleaches.

Frankincense oil – A potent treatment for bladder cancer

Frankincense, fragrant tree oil might be beneficial in treating bladder cancer, according to study investigators from the United States. The researchers did testing of an enhanced extract from the frankincense herb on bladder cells from human beings and regular cells in lab trials. They observed that the oil was capable of suppressing cancer development and triggered mechanism that could obliterate the detrimental cell types.

Frankincense oil is capable of discriminating bladder cancer cells from regular urothelial ones in cultures and suppressed cell sustenance and induced programmed cell death in bladder cancer cell types in culture.

Essential Oils for treating Candida

Candida is a yeast and innate bacterial strain residing in the bowels which due to unabated proliferation could have a negative impact on our immune system and cause an array of symptoms and ailments. The ideal means of treating Candida over-growth is cleansing with a blend of essential oils. One could make a blend of oregano (one droplet), two droplets melaleuca and three-five droplets lemon could easily combat candida.

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