The Ultimate All-Body Workout – Part I

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Irrespective of whether one intends on trimming a couple of inches or wants to drop down a couple of sizes, this workout plan would help in impelling you towards your goal in no less than a month’s time. The secret to success is switching or alternating swiftly between core, upper and lower body trimming exercises for revving up cardiac rate for burning additional calories.

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Extensions & Reaches
  • This exercise would target body parts such as the leg, shoulder, arm and abdominals.
  • Standing in a manner that feet are placed at a distance hip-width apart and a weight (dumbbell) held in the right hand. Raising the right leg at the back of oneself. To simplify the move, try raising left leg as it would aid in maintaining abler balance.The left knee is to be bent perpendicularly and right hand is to be reached ahead of the left shin as though one were attempting to touch the weight to the ground.
  • Returning to one-legged standing pose and bring right hand to right shoulder and pressing dumbbell over one’s head with palm to face ahead.
  • Lowering dumbbell to the shoulder and repeating leg-extension and arm reaches. Doing twelve repetitions, switching sides and repeating.

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Chair Presses
  • This ab-trimming move starts off with being seated on the chair end with palms placed flattened over it and fingers to point forwards.
  • Inching forwards and away from the chair while one squats just ahead of the seat with palms flattened on it at the back of oneself for balance.
  • Staying in supported-squatting pose all through, extending left leg and right arm straight ahead so that they are parallel to the ground. For simplifying the move, bending the left knee as one raises the left leg.
  • Holding for one to three counts and then reverting to supported-stance.
  • Doing eight to ten repetitions, switching sides and repeating.

Best body workout

Viaduct Presses
  • This exercise is intended to target trunk, arms, buttocks and abdominals.
  • With dumbbells held in both hands, lying with back to the ground, bending knees and feet flattened. Bending the elbows perpendicularly in a manner that the forearms form a 90 degree angle to the ground and palms to face one another.
  • Raising butts away from the ground and form a straightened line all the way from the knee region to the shoulder and maintaining a viaduct pose all through.
  • The weights are to be pressed direct over the trunk and palms to face one another.
  • Upper part of the arms is to be kept motionless and bending elbows perpendicularly for lowering weights towards the ground.
  • Extending arms upwards in the direction of the roof and then lowering elbows for returning to initial pose. Doing twelve repetitions.

Best workouts

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