Watching Your Favorite TV Serials Can Make You Happy And Positive

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The re runs of your favorite shows you watch on TV make you feel relaxed as at one point of time you treat the characters in the serial as your friends and near and dear ones, and you are so engrossed in their life that you laugh and cry with them in all the situations you watch in the serials.

TV shows keeps u happyPsychologists have believe that people have limited control on their impulses and are likely to give in to their temptations, and hence in order to restore a sense of self control, we need to be positive, and boost ourselves and maintain self control, and this can be achieved by watching re runs of your favorite television shows and feel good, hale and hearty. This was the results of the research conducted by the University Of Buffalo.

The research concludes that television, books, movies act as catalysts more than the leisure activities, and in some cases fulfill your emotional needs and restores yourself confidence and self control that people are reluctant or unable to fulfill through other means.

The TV shows keep you engrossed and shield you from the harsh realities of life and keep you healthy and happy.

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