Fabulous Knee Strengthening Exercises

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Our knees literally go through the mill every day since they have to bear an elevated proportion of one’s body weight when one stands and also additional forces when one walks or runs.

Moreover, knees are vulnerable to injuries during sideways strikes particularly when one’s feet are placed on the ground. For injury prevention or rehabilitation of existent injuries to the knees here are several exercises to be performed week-by-week on many instances. It would help in strengthening the connective tissue/muscle types that surround the knee joints hence enhancing their capability of withstanding the forces wielded on them.

Russian Hamstrings movements

These movements strengthen hamstrings located on backside of the thigh area crossing the knee joints and attaching to the bones of the lower leg region. The hams assist in stabilizing knee joint areas and flexing knees so that feet move towards the butts.

Take into consideration the following steps for performing this exercise:

  • Russian HamstringsBeing seated erect on the knees and bending legs perpendicularly behind oneself and flexing ankles so that one is tip-toed on the ground.
  • Holding one’s hands at the sides and having an aide holding your ankle areas for keeping feet to the ground.
  • Leaning forwards as much as doable while allowing the waistline to bend.
  • Aligning the trunk & upper legs.
  • Returning to the beginning stance and repeating.
  • Performing 3 sets comprising of ten reps.
Walking Lunge Moves

This exercise is a great way of strengthening and stabilizing the knee joint and averting injury. These moves fortify the 4 quads located on the frontal part of the upper leg area that allow knee extensions.

The right way of performing walking lunge exercise is:

  • Walking Lunge MovesStanding erect and placing hands by one’s sides.
  • Stepping forwards two to three feet using the right foot.
  • Keeping the left foot in position, however allowing the heel is coming up.
  • Once the right foot is secured back to the ground, squatting till one’s right thigh is horizontally placed.
  • Keeping the knee direct over the ankle. Standing back up & instantaneously stepping forwards with the left foot and place it two to three feet ahead of the right foot.
  • Repeating the squatting & then stepping forwards with the right foot once more.
  • Alternating legs for one’s intended numbers of reps.
Barrier Sits

This exercise is part of a rehab programme for restoring functioning & strength in the knee subsequent to being injured. One must ideally be developing a base strength in the hip abductor, hamstring, quads & adductor muscles by doing simpler exercises prior to starting off with barrier sits.

The right way of doing barrier sits is:

  • Standing in a manner that one faces away from a barrier and feet placed around two feet afar from its foundation.
  • Leaning backwards and back making direct contact with the barrier.
  • Gradually bending on the knees and allowing the back in sliding downwards the barrier.
  • Holding for 5 seconds and then returning to the beginning stance.
  • Bending the knees solely for around fifteen degrees firstly and then eventually increasing this with passage of time, however not crossing past forty-five degree inclination.
  • Additionally, increasing the numbers of reps & the extent of time in each rep slowly.
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