Apples – Superlative Cancer Prevention Food

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Crunching through an apple every day could largely assist in cancer prevention and also don key role in cancer treatment.

Apples – Colorectal Cancer prevention

A latest Polish study has shown that regular consumption of apples could lower the chances of colorectal cancer developing. The researchers evaluated 592 study entrants ailing from prostate cancer against 765 study entrants not having prostate cancer. Study outcome showed that people with prostate cancer had a weekly consumption of 9.5 portions in comparison to the disease-free individuals who had a weekly consumption of eleven portions.

A lowered risk was noted with people who consumed an apple per day, with a 0.65 probability, whereas the risk was slashed to nearly half in individuals consuming more than a single apple each day. Consuming other fruits and veggies were not observed to have the analogous outcomes as apples on colorectal cancer risk.

The shielding qualities of apple could be the outcome of the elevated amounts of flavonoids present in it. They operate as antioxidants which prevent molecules or free radicals from causing harm to tissues and could stall cancer inception and cell propagation. Antioxidant presence is present in five folds concentration in apple skin than the fleshy interior part.

Apples – Breast cancer prevention and treatment

cancer prevention foodsInvestigators from Cornell Univ. have been researching cancer-combating compounds present in apples and have found that the well-liked fruit could assist in cancer prevention and also treatment.

Food researcher Rui Hai Lui has been studying the cancer-staving effects of the fruit and found thirteen compounds present in the fruit’s peel which obliterated or hampered development in human colon and liver cancer cells. Antioxidants present in fresh apples assist in preventing cancer by wiping out cell-harming free radicals and stalling reactive substances from being produced which could harm normal cells.

Triterpenoids are the cancer-warding compounds present in apples which combat inflammation and could hamper cancer metastasis and also cause cell fatality in liver colon and breast cancer. Apples have large amounts of phenolic compounds which are phytochemicals known to proffer wide-ranging health advantages and have strong proliferation-resistant properties.

Study findings done by Dr. Liu in 2009 showed that apple extracts and fresh apple were noted to inhibit breast tumor development in laboratory rodents as it lowered cancer-causing compounds in them.

Apples useful in treating Colon Cancer

Apple extracts have been observed to help in treatment of colon cancer as the compounds present in apples safeguard DNA from harm and stalled carcinogens. Also, cells following treatment with apple extract exhibited lesser proclivity to metastasizing.

Apples prove beneficial in Chemotherapy Treatment

A recent study has shown that apple compounds have been found to hamper the action of a protein – kappa B or NF-KB which make cancerous cells develop resistance to chemotherapy.

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