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The term skin abscess is another name used for skin boils. Skin abscesses are pus filled infections occurring deep within the skin, which may or may not involve hair follicles. On most occasions, skin abscesses occur on the moist regions of our body for example, the back region of the neck, groin, armpits etc. In this article we’ll be informing you tips of treating skin abscesses at home.

Treating abscesses with turmeric: Turmeric is a yellowish orange colored spice mostly used for cooking Indian dishes.  The active ingredient of this spice is curcumin; several studies conducted around the world have concluded that curcumin can effectively work as an anti-inflammatory agent and can also help in fighting infections. You can consume this spice in form of a drink; add 2 teaspoon of turmeric powder either to water or to milk and drink it 2 to 3 times every day for three consecutive days. A paste prepared using turmeric and milk can be applied topically on the skin areas with abscesses. While having the drink made using turmeric helps in clearing the infection from inside, the topical application of turmeric will speed up the healing procedure of the abscesses.

Skin abscess Home treatment for skin abscess

Raw potato as remedy for skin abscesses: Cut raw potato in slices of around 1 inch thickness. Place the slices on the skin areas with boils and put tapes on them so that they don’t get displaced. Potato juice will help in absorbing poison from the boils. You can also wrap the affected skin areas with potato scrapings for getting rid of the abscesses.

Raw onion for treating skin abscesses:
Onions contain antiseptic chemicals, which work by drawing blood towards the skin areas affected by boils. Cut raw onion into thick slices and place them on the abscesses; the portions of the skin you are treating with onion should stay covered either with cotton or a clean cloth. Replace the slices of onions with fresh ones after every 3 hours. You should continue doing this until the abscesses’ heads burst.

Skin abscess home remedy Skin abscess home remedy

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