Non-Drug Quit Smoking Aids

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Several tobacco-associated and nicotine-comprising products have surfaced in the recent past. However, their marketing as nicotine addiction treatment has not been done since the FDA does not deem them as medications and does not standardize them. A number of these could be of assistance; however, there is dearth of proof which shows these products to be helpful to those individuals intent on quitting tobacco use.

Tobacco-free Snuff Product Types

These are vended in groceries and chain stores. Their packaging is done similar to moistened snuff in tins and is available in an array of flavourings. These are prepared from plant or herb forms like mint extract, alfalfa, tea, kudzu, clover and several also have moistener presence such as glycerine and essences. Guarana is an herb form present in minimally one of them with caffeine presence.

Tobacco-free snuffs could either be lone usage or merged alongside normal snuff among those attempting tobacco cessation. They are usually deemed risk-free except in cases when allergy to some constituent is present, however the FDA has not yet assessed it. A research outcome showed that mint-based snuff as an alternative aided in reducing yearnings among those who used smokeless tobacco and attempting to cease the habit. However, mint snuff users were found to have no greater likelihood of quitting tobacco as compared to those people who did not use it. In case one opts for trying a tobacco-free snuff, then checking the component labelling is imperative.

Quit Smoking AidsTobacco lozenge and pouch

Lozenge with tobacco presence such as brands Stonewall, Ariva and mini tobacco pouches such Exalt, Revel are vended as alternative means for a smoker to obtain nicotine in locations where smoking is proscribed. These products are not retailed as tobacco quitting methods. According to the FDA ruling, these are smoke-less tobacco forms and not quit smoking aids or for weaning off tobacco. This translates to the fact that the FDA doesn’t have control over these products. Such products would carry lesser risks to health as compared to commonly used types of smokeless tobacco.

Nicotine Lollipop and lip salve

Earlier several drugstores developed nicotine lollipops which contain nicotine salicylate with sweetening agent. This constituent does not have the FDA approval. FDA has cautioned drugstores to halt vending such products, deeming them as illicit. FDA has also pointed out that the candy-similar items also carry a risk of inadvertent infant usage.

There are several quit smoking aids such as these which do have nicotine salicylate and might be officially permitted. However, these carry a threat of accidental infant and pet usage in scenarios of improper storage and their disposal is to be done away from pet and infant access.

Nicotine Wafer and Nicotine water

These are also vended as products for smokers to acquire tobacco in prohibited areas. Their marketing as quit smoking aids is not done, however queries have risen about how safe or legal they truly are. Several of these formulations could be risky in case of accidental use by kids or pet animals.

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