Catherine Zeta-Jones Seeks Bipolar Disorder II Treatment

The morose expression reveals it all. Michael Douglas found it hard to conceal his pain as it surfaced that Catherine Zeta-Jones, his wife is seeking therapy for manic depression as a result of being immensely stress-ridden due to his battles with cancer.

The forty-one years old actress took admission into a psychiatric facility, Silver Hill where she’s reportedly sharing a ward with those suffering from alcoholism & drug addiction.

She’s been in the hospital for 5 days & joins 10 to fifteen others in the over seven hundred pounds detoxification facility located in Connecticut’s New Canaan hosp.

Catherine’s spokesperson corroborated that she did receive mental health therapy to assist her in coping with the traumatizing events she underwent on the personal front. The actress who has 2 young kids with Michael decided to get herself admitted for a short stay into the mental health centre so that her bipolar disorder II condition could be treated. She is reported to be feeling fine & is all excited about commencing work on her duo forthcoming film projects.

Douglas’s battle with stage IV throat cancer during 2010 & radiotherapy, chemotherapy sessions had left Catherine emotionally distressed.

The sixty-six year old actor who was lately spotted doing some grocery-shopping in N.Y., made an announcement in Jan. that physicians had announced him to be cancer-less after 6-month long taxing therapy.

Douglas accosted his wife when she sought therapy in the hospital, checking in under an alias name.

Witnesses at the facility notified a famed glossy that the Welsh-origin Catherine seemed content all through the course of her short stay, reportedly joining others during meal times, jogging about the area & also playing poker pre-bed times.

Zeta-Jones mostly seemed to be on nerve’s edge during public spotting during her hubby’s on-going throat cancer therapy.

She was almost teary-eyed at N.Y. Kennedy airport subsequent to have cancelled her visit to the United Kingdom when Douglas’s condition deteriorated.

During Feb., Catherine lost her temper at a member of the paparazzi in London asserting that he had punched her as the couple were returning back to their hotel room post-dinner.

Seven years back, the actress made claims that she was been threatened by a stalker and was so fearful that she would’ve become a nervous wreck.

A source close to the kin revealed that 2010 has been the toughest year for Catherine & she’s had a hellish time with the pressures being nearly intolerable. It is also claimed that Catherine has been suffering from insomnia for quite a while due to worries about her husband. She’s faced a lot a problems trying to cope and had been a chain-smoker & drinker. Catherine felt completely torn apart & shattered witnessing an important person in her life in such a weak condition. During an interview, she vented her rage that physicians didn’t identify his throat cancer sooner.

What appears to have pushed the couple to further stress was Michael’s ex-wife, Diandra reviving her court clash in an endeavour at grabbing more chunk from his flick ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleep’ revenues.

What is Bipolar II?

Any traumatizing episode could at times be causing symptoms of the mood-amending sickness.

Specialists state that patients go through high moods – that could cause spells of heightened activity and even depressive episodes.

Disparate to bipolar I, the ‘high’ moods wouldn’t be reaching peak manic levels.

Instead of plummeting into deep depression, such a patient could be rather sociable, efficient & mostly over-productive as compared to usual – another rationale for it mostly going undetected.

While in the hypomania phase, mostly the person would be more at risk of being suicidal or acting on his intentions to commit suicide.

Women have a greater likelihood of experiencing bipolar II disorder. As the hypomania episodes are brief in span & acuteness, they don’t lead to much troublesome behaviours. But, the sporadic incidents of depression classically would be lasting more as compared to hypomania phase.

Celebs that’ve allegedly battled varied types of bipolar disorder include Van Damme, Linda Hamilton, Stephen Fry, singer Sinead o Connor, Charlie Sheen & Britney Spears. The condition can be treated with drugs.

In case a single or both parents is having mood disorder then it increases that person’s chances of developing bipolar disorders. Other contributory factors entail being stressed out, sickness, demise or lost vocation. Moreover, scientists deem that this condition might be arising partly due to imbalances in some or all the brain’s neurotransmitters.

At times, an upsetting episode which is causal to immense stress can lead to bipolar II disorder developing. Other likely reasons entail an irregular level of hormones & drug usage.

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