Celebs who Overcame Addictions

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Celebs are role models & could deploy that position for demonstrating their personal healthy passage to a legit, lasting therapy program.

Martin Sheen

Recuperating from alcoholism & an active participant of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), chiefly gives due credit to his belief in Catholic religion for his recovery. Martin Sheen revealed that he partook in Alcoholics Anonymous meets as a means of helping his tumultuous son Charlie with his co-existent addictions.

Jamie Lee Curtis

The fifty-one-year old actress confessed to having painkiller addiction following a routinely conducted operative method in her mid-thirties. Curtis playing mother to turbulent celebrity Lindsay Lohan in the flick ‘Freaky Friday’ even came clean about being a heavy drinker time & again to allay lonesomeness. Last year, over a decade of staying sober, she spoke to ‘Today Show’ about how her recuperation is the finest triumphs of her entire life. She believes that accepting that your life is in a mess is the foremost step in the journey to changing it. She feels that she has been providential for not having lost anything.

Robert Downey Junior

On being arrested on several accounts for possessing drugs & times in rehabs & jails, Robert has at long last foregone his addictions a decade back. He acknowledges his success to doing plentiful kung-fu & yoga & his better half Susan to keep him in-check. Reminiscing about his testing history additionally helps the actor in staying fine. In Playboy’s edition last year, he spoke about not pretending that the debacle did not occur. He feels like one of the war veterans and a matter tricky to be discussed about with those who have not been in that situation.

Kelly Osbourne

The ex ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contender developed an addiction to Vicodin tablets & gulping down nearly fifty pills daily by the time she was seventeen. She divulged that after coming to the painful realization about her mom’s cancer detection only aggravated the issue. Kelly stated that she eventually felt hopeful regarding her likelihood of recovering following a month of having been in rehab. Penning down her thoughts in her novel ‘Fierce’ the twenty-six-year old knew that she had been offered another opportunity at her career, contentment & her life and is now keen on grabbing it.

Robin Williams

Subsequent to have been an alcoholic & abused coke in the eighties, the ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ states that over-dosage of colleague comic John Belushi & having become a dad were events that really shook him out his hellish ways. Though in 2006, following over two decades of being sober, he entered rehab for abusing alcohol yet again. He fought it hard confessing that having surmounted over your problem once you feel as though it is truly easy in doing though in reality it isn’t so. ‘Humiliation proffers humility’ is undeniably one of his most memorable statements.

Nicole Richie

After arrest for possessing heroin, Nicole checked into a rehabilitation center during 2003 and 4 years later she pleaded culpable to have driven after having a cocktail of Vicodin plus marijuana. The twenty-nine year old mom of duo children spoke about how she is often asked about whom she blames – her parents or Hollywood – to which she states that she blames neither. Holding herself blameworthy for creating & manifesting herself into the dire addiction, she does admit to have tided through thick with the assistance of a number of fine individuals.

Drew Barrymore

Possibly, the most iniquitous kiddie star addict, she was dubbed by many as the child star who went all wrong on growing up. She began using alcohol at just nine years of age, smoked pot by ten years of age & snorted coke by twelve & entered rehab the subsequent year. Also chronically her quandaries in her biography ‘Little Girl Lost’ which went public when she was just fourteen was also another eye-opener. Presently, the thirty-six year old actress (co-founding Flower Films in mid-nineties) states that she’s strives for balancing her life although she admits to not have totally sobered down.

Elton John

Firstly using coke in mid-nineties whist he recorded his 8th album, he poured his heart out to Telegraph last year about how he never felt he was a good-looker or whatever & always felt as an outcast for which reason he began taking drugs for being part of the group. What ensued, Elton says were several mislaid years replete with abusing alcohols, addicted to drugs, attempting suicides & eating disorder. Eventually clearing up his act during 1990, he spoke about the fiends within him – confrontational fears, coyness, self-loathe – however due to hubby D. Furnish & his recuperation he is in a more peaceful, better state presently.

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