Monsoon Maladies: Downside of Rain

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There are a couple of diseases to watch out for in the month of monsoon.

Monsoon Maladies Downside of RainIt is imperative that effective remedies may be used to prevent these diseases during monsoon.

During monsoon we may be affected by common cold and flu- more than 200 viruses are known to cure the common cold but mostly it is rhinoviruses, which affects your upper respiratory system- nose, voice box, throat, wind pipes and lungs.

The viruses spread through air particles that are expelled while coughing or sneezing. Also it is found that the viruses move from some ones hand to your hands by a simple handshake or by a door knob or handkerchief from your hands to your nose and mouth.

The symptoms of this virus are you may get runny nose, nasal congestion, coughing.

Monsoon Maladies Downside of RainMedical treatment must be taken immediately and you must drink plenty of hot fluid like soup and water to keep your body warm

The other kind of disease we get during monsoon is the viral fever, due to the change in temperature and we have fever, body ache, sore throat, fatigue.

In case of viral fever you must get your blood tested and take medication, as delay might lead to other diseases like malaria, typhoid.

During monsoons it is important to drink boiled filtered water and keep our surroundings clean.

Enjoy the rains but be free from the maladies which are a part of this season.

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