The Ultimate All-Body Workout – Part II

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Get started right away with these result-driven moves and shed ten, fifteen or even twenty pounds in just a month’s time.

Bushed Bug Pose with Stability Ball
  • This ab-tightening exercise is to be started off by lying with your back bracing the ground, bending knees and feet flattened with stability ball held ahead of the trunk region.
  • Bushed Bug Pose with Stability BallRaising legs, bending knees perpendicularly in a manner that the shinbones are lying parallel to the ground and ball to be suspended by exerting pressure onto it using hand (extending arms) and knees.
  • Concurrently, lowering left arm directly to the backside of the head and extending right leg forwards so that these duo are hovering a couple of inches away from the ground.
  • Bringing left arm and right knee for touching stability ball once more.
  • Doing ten repetitions, switching sides and repeating.
Ball-wall Clutch
  • Ball Wall ClutchAreas of the shoulder, abdominals and upper portion of back are targeted through these moves.
  • Clutching a stability ball in your hands, standing with back bracing a partition or wall and feet placement hip width away.
  • Stability ball is to be positioned against the partition a couple of feet over the left shoulder and extending left arm over one’s head with the backside of left hand pressed onto the mid region of the ball for holding it steadily. Standing at a distance ahead of the wall in a manner that the spinal area is flush with the edging of the stability ball.
  • Lifting left foot away from the ground a couple of inches and holding ball in place for thirty to forty-five seconds.
  • Switching sides and repeating.

Month Two
The intensity of this exercise could be revved up by bending knees to a slight extent and maintaining partial squatted pose as one presses the stability ball onto the wall.

Month Three

A complete squatted pose is to be maintained as one presses the ball.

Coach’s Tip

Intensity of the move is directly proportional to the size of the stability ball.

Toad Squats
  • Toad SquatsThe trunk, buttocks and legs are the main targeted regions in this move.
  • Standing by placing feet shoulder width away, one weight or dumbbell held using both hands ahead of the trunk region, bending elbows and palms to press onto the dumbbell’s tips.
  • Lowering the body into a squatted pose as near the ground as possible and elbows pressed against the inner sides of the knees. The move could be simplified by squatting with knees bending perpendicularly though not lowering them.
  • Raising hips in a manner that legs are almost totally widened, bend forwards at the waistline in a manner that the elbows remain in contact with the knees and torso stays in a tucked pose.
  • Returning to low squatted pose.
  • Doing twenty repetitions.
Elbows Planks
  • Elbows PlanksThis move would target the abdominals and obliques muscles.
  • Kneeling on the ground ahead of a stability ball and placing elbows on its central part and clasp hands together.
  • Walking feet backwards till legs are totally outstretched and body forming a straightened line from top to toe.
  • With the abdominals tightened and hip region levelled, employing elbows for tracing alphabets of one’s name on the ball, allowing the stability ball to budge to a slight extent sideways. Holding the pose for around thirty to forty-five seconds.
Y-T Dumbbell Moves
  • Y-T Dumbbell MovesAn ideal exercise for targeting areas of the shoulder, abdominals, buttocks, leg and upper back.
  • Dumbbells clutched in both hands, standing by placing feet at a distance shoulder width away. Bending knees to a slight extent for lowering the body to a partial-squatted pose, hinge ahead at the hip region in a manner that the back is almost parallel to the ground.
  • Extending arms towards the ceiling, palms to face one another in a manner that the weight are hovering close to the knee areas – constituting the initial pose.
  • Raising arms upwards and at an angle over one’s head for forming the letter ‘Y’ with palms to face upwards.
  • Lowering arms to initial pose and doing eight to ten repetitions.
  • From start-up pose (weights towards the ground), raising arms straight outwards to the sides at shoulder height, palms to face upwards for forming letter ‘T’.
  • Lowering arms to initial pose and doing eight to ten repetitions.

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